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The first international textile, clothing and printing industry expo is held in Binh Duong
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​PORTAL - From September 21-23, 2023 at the WTC EXPO - Thu Dau Mot City, the Viet Nam international textile, clothing and printing industry expo "ITCPE – VIET NAM TEXPRINT 2023" will take place.​

The expo is jointly organized by Viet Nam Advertisement and Fair Exhibition Joint Stock Company - VIETFAIR, Allallinfo Media Viet Nam Co., Ltd - Hongkong Allallinfo Media Group Ltd., gathering more than 200 booths focusing on introducing 10 groups of technology products for the printing and embroidery industry, garment processing and the production of fabrics, textile products and materials, etc. 

Some typical products at the expo can be mentioned such as: Machinery and materials for fabric printing industry; smart clothing design software (CAD system, 3D body measurement, 3D dress testing, smart 3D design); smart clothing production equipment; automatic sewing equipment, buttonhole equipment, intelligent embroidery equipment; dyeing equipment; digital fabric printing equipment, fully automatic fabric printing, intelligent hanger system; printing and dyeing chemicals and dying auxiliaries; equipment and technology for printing, embroidery and textile industries; fabrics and fabric accessories, etc.

After a period of disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the general difficult situation of enterprises, this year, the expo is held for the first time in Binh Duong with a large scale, which is expected to increase opportunities for promotion, joint venture, international cooperation, market expansion; the expo creates favorable conditions for textile and garment enterprises in Binh Duong and other provinces and cities in Viet Nam to meet, learn and exchange experiences, access to the latest production technology, have more new sources of raw materials, thereby promoting investment in technology to improve productivity and product quality, meeting export demand and development goals of Viet Nam's textile and garment industry in the coming time according to the criteria "Green trade, green industry".

The Organizing Committee has the "Gratitude to specialized visitors" program, supports for lunch, accommodation and travel expenses with foreign enterprise delegations when visiting and working at the Expo. For details, please contact the Standing Committee of the Organizing Committee - Vietfair Company, hotline: 0976683693 (Mr Tat Thanh); Email:; / 

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