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Binh Duong promotes support for small and medium-sized enterprises
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​PORTAL - Provincial People's Committee (PPC) promulgates Plan to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 2023.

Accordingly, the Support plan for enterprises is established, organized and operated in accordance with the law on enterprises, meeting the provisions of Chapter II, Decree No. 80/2021/ND-CP dated August 26, 2021 of the Government on criteria for identifying SMEs; business households with business registration, wishing to develop and convert into enterprises in the province; agencies, organizations and individuals involved in supporting SMEs.

The support principles comply with the provisions of Article 4, Decree No. 80/2021/ND-CP dated August 26, 2021 of the Government.

Enterprises are supported with technology. Specifically, implementing investment projects to support SMEs through the construction of new incubators, technical facilities, and co-working areas; renovating and upgrading existing infrastructure to form incubators, technical facilities, and co-working areas; purchasing and installing equipment, machinery, research rooms, laboratories, information technology systems for incubators, technical facilities, and co-working areas to support SMEs.

Maximum support for the value of consulting contract on digital transformation solutions for SMEs, the cost for enterprises to hire and purchase digital transformation solutions, the value of the consulting contract on the establishment of intellectual property rights and the value of consulting contract on technology transfer as prescribed in Article 11, Decree 80/2021/ND-CP dated August 26, 2021 of the Government. Supporting SMEs to improve their productivity based on science, technology and innovation.

SMEs are entitled to technology support according to the content and support levels specified in Clauses 1, 2, 3, 4, Article 11 of Decree No. 80/2021/ND-CP dated August 26, 2021 of the Government. Agencies and organizations supporting SMEs provide support according to the provisions of Articles 4 and 5 of this Circular and a number of other specific regulations.

At the same time, updating and publishing on the Portal of the PPC, the website of the agency or unit managing information about plans, programs, projects, activities to support SMEs, business instructions, information on credit, markets, products, technology, business incubation and other information according to the needs of enterprises in accordance with the provisions of law.

At the same time, guiding enterprises to approach the focal point of organizing the operation of a network of consultants in the management fields of the industry published on the website of ministries and ministerial-level agencies for advice on personnel, finance, production, sales, market, internal management and other contents related to production and business activities of enterprises (excluding advice on administrative and legal procedures in accordance with specialized laws); supporting enterprises to develop human resources; supporting SMEs to transform from business households, innovative start-ups, joining industry clusters, value chains, and supporting interest rates for innovative start-up SMEs, joining industry clusters and value chains.

​Reported by Doan Trang- Translated by Thanh Tam

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