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Functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the Binh Duong Industrial Zones Authority
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​PORTAL - The Provincial People's Committee (PPC) issues Decision No. 08/2023/QD-UBND stipulating the functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of Binh Duong Industrial Zones Authority. The decision takes effect from April 15, 2023.

Binh Duong Industrial Zones Authority (referred to as the Authority) is an agency directly under the PPC performing the function of direct State management of industrial parks in the province according to the provisions of the Government's Decree No. 35/2022/ND-CP providing for the management of industrial parks and economic zones and other relevant laws; the management and organization of performing the function of providing public administrative services and other supporting services related to investment and production and business activities for enterprises in industrial parks.

The Authority is established under the decision of the Prime Minister, subject to the direction and management of the PPC in terms of organization, staffing, program, work plan and operating budget; subject to the professional direction, guidance and examination of the Ministries and ministerial-level agencies in charge of relevant sectors and fields; is responsible for closely coordinating with specialized agencies under the PPC in the management of industrial parks; performs the tasks of specialized agencies of the PPC when decentralized or authorized; and performs the tasks and powers of specialized agencies under the PPC in accordance with law.

The Authority has legal status; have an account and a seal bearing the national emblem; State administrative expenses, non-business activities and development investment capital shall be allocated by the State budget according to annual plans and other funding sources as prescribed by competent State agencies.

The Authority consults with ministries, ministerial-level agencies and the PPC in the development of legal documents, policies, and system development plans related to industrial parks. Presiding over and coordinating with relevant agencies in, formulating a Regulation on cooperation with specialized agencies under the PPC or relevant agencies to perform the assigned tasks and powers under the one-stop-shop and interconnected one-stop shop mechanism, and submit them to the PPC for approval. Presiding over and coordinating with relevant agencies and organizations in formulating tasks and general construction planning projects, industrial park construction subdivision planning, tasks and master planning projects for adjustment of these master plans, and submitting them to the PPC for approval according to their competence. Developing programs and plans on investment promotion and development of industrial parks and submiting them to the PPC for approval. Synthesizing and assessing the demand for laborers working in industrial parks, coordinating with competent state agencies to supply labor for enterprises in industrial parks, etc.

Leaders of the Authority include the Head of the Authority and not more than 03 Deputy Heads. The administrative organization of the Authority includes: Office; Investment Management Division; Planning and Construction Management Division; Labor Management Division; Business Administration Division; Environmental Management Division; Representative Office.

Reported by Yen Nhi- Translated by Thanh Tam

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