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Special patrol group 171 promotes effectiveness in crime prevention and combat
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​PORTAL - Although newly established and put into operation, the Special patrol groups 171 of Binh Duong Provincial Police have shown their elites, effectively fought against all kinds of street crimes, prevented and promptly handled violations of traffic order and safety.

​According to the report, Binh Duong Provincial Police are maintaining 23 Special patrol groups (5 provincial groups and 18 district groups). Special patrol groups 171 with the participation of many forces: Criminal Police, Economic Police, Police 113, Mobile Police, Drug-related crime investigation Police, etc.

Senior Colonel Pham Quang Truong - Deputy Head of the Traffic Police Division, Binh Duong Provincial Police Department said that the Patrol groups 171 are always ready in terms of forces, vehicles, technical equipment and support tools, each officer and soldier shows their determination to carry out patrol and control tasks throughout the province and throughout all days of the week in order to ensure security and order, and to bring peace to the people.


Special patrol group 171 catches two people stealing property on the way to sell it

After 3 months of synchronous and drastic implementation, the Patrol groups 171 with a high sense of responsibility, strictly implemented processes, work plans and legal regulations, crime and law violations tend to reduce, creating a deterrent, criminal offenses do not dare to commit crimes on the street, especially the crimes of property theft with tricks of breaking into people's houses, robbing property on the roads. Specifically, crimes related to social order occurred 125 cases (reduced more than 54.2% of cases compared to the previous 3 months). In which, crimes fell sharply such as: Theft of property occurred 36 cases (reduced by 90 cases), intentional injury occurred 14 cases (reduced by 20 cases). Regarding drug crimes, the functional forces detected and removed 152 cases and arrested 331 people. The situation of traffic accidents reduced in all three criteria in terms of number of cases, number of deaths and number of injured. No particularly serious traffic accidents occurred.

According to the assessment, Groups 171 proactively grasped complex routes and areas, collected information on crime and law violations, to organize control patrols and armed patrols with focus and key points, thereby maximizing efficiency in crime prevention and combat.

Colonel Trinh Ngoc Quyen - Director of the Provincial Police Department praised and highly appreciated the results, efforts and determination of officers and soldiers who have contributed to maintaining the security situation and reducing crime. In the coming time, he suggested that Patrol groups 171 continue to strengthen patrols, control, and fight, prevent all kinds of crimes, focus on timely handling of crimes related to social order, drug-related crimes, economic and environmental crimes, weapons possession, military use and trading, transportation of firecrackers, acts against law enforcement officers, disrupting public order, etc.

Reported by Mai Xuan-Translated by Thanh Tam​

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