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Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi receives the US Consul General
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​PORTAL - On the morning of February 16, at the Administration Center of Binh Duong Province, Mr. Nguyen Van Loi - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies received Ms. Susan Burns - US Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City to pay a courtesy visit to the provincial leaders.

​Meeting with Mr. Mai Hung Dung - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Permanent Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee (PPC); leaders of a number of departments, committees and branches.

At the meeting, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi expressed his pleasure to welcome Ms. Susan Burns. The Secretary also informed the outstanding results in socio-economic development of Binh Duong. Accordingly, over the years, Binh Duong province has always been evaluated as one of the leading provinces and cities nationwide in terms of socio-economic development and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).

The province's gross regional domestic product (GRDP) has always achieved a fairly high growth rate compared to the national average growth rate, the province's economic structure has shifted positively towards gradually increasing the proportion of services and industry.


Overview of the reception

Among the countries and territories investing in Binh Duong, the United States is currently ranked 13th with 134 investment projects with a total capital of more than 1.35 billion USD, mainly in the fields of electricity, electronics, logistics, ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, furniture and interior decoration, chemical cosmetics and export textile products.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee said that Binh Duong is prioritizing attracting investment in high-tech, environmentally friendly industries and fields, creating high added value to serve the orientation of green and sustainable development.

In the coming time, Binh Duong will start construction of key highways to ensure connection with the transport network of the Southern key economic region to serve the goals of socio-economic development, connection and convenient goods trade. In addition to focusing on investing in technical infrastructure, building and developing a modern and synchronous transport system, Binh Duong province also actively invests in the development of health, education-training and human resource development.

HK 1.jpg​​

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi presents a souvenir to Mrs. Susan Burns – the US Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City

The provincial leaders hoped that, in her position, Ms. Susan Burns will pay attention to and introduce potential US enterprises that match Binh Duong's criteria to learn about the investment environment in the province. At the same time, having many activities contributing to enhancing the efficiency of cooperation between the two sides, especially in the fields of investment, education and training, science and technology.

HK 2.jpg

Permanent Vice Chairman of the PPC Mai Hung Dung presents a souvenir to Ms. Susan Burns – the US Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City

Ms. Susan Burns thanked Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi for taking the time to welcome her and expressed her pleasure to visit Binh Duong, a dynamic developing province.

She was impressed and supported the development orientation of Binh Duong in the future. In addition to prioritizing investment and commercial development, during her tenure, she will strive to contribute to promoting Vietnam to achieve its goals in the fields of climate change and clean energy.

Expressing her joy when in 2023, the two countries Vietnam - the US will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the comprehensive partnership, Ms. Susan Burns wished that the two sides will elevate the relationship to a strategic partnership and hoped that the cooperation between the two countries will continue to develop.

Through the good cooperation relationship between Vietnam and the US over the years, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi also hoped that in the coming time, many US enterprises and partners would arrive in Binh Duong and promote the establishment of friendly cooperation relations between Binh Duong province and Nebraska state (US).

HK 3.jpg

Delegates take a souvenir photo

Reported by Doan Trang- Translated by Thanh Tam​

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