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Di An City has a new Chairman of the City People's Committee
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​PORTAL - After a working day with the spirit of urgency, seriousness, democracy and responsibility, the 7th meeting, the 12th Di An City People's Council, 2021-2026 tenure, was a great success, completing the proposed program contents.

​The meeting approved 23 reports, 5 proposals and 5 Resolutions including: Resolution on socio-economic development in 2023; Adjusting the medium-term public investment plan for the 2021-2025 period; The estimate of state budget revenue, revenue, expenditure and local budget allocation in 2023; organizing regular meetings in 2023 of the People's Council; Public investment plan in 2023 decentralized capital. This is the basis for the city to organize the implementation of Di An urban development goals in the coming time.


Deputies vote to add the title of Chairman of the 12th Di An City People's Committee

The meeting also conducted an additional vote for the title of Chairman of the 12th Di An City People's Committee, 2021-2026 tenure and passed a Resolution confirming the election results. With the number of votes reaching 94%, Mr. Vo Van Hong - Deputy Secretary of the Di An City Party Committee was elected to the position of Chairman of the 12th Di An City People's Committee.


Mr. Vo Van Hong - Deputy Secretary of Di An City Party Committee (middle) is elected as Chairman of the 12th Di An City People's Committee

Speaking at the closing session of the Meeting, Ms. Ngo Ngoc Diep - Chairman of the Di An City People's Committee emphasized that the issues raised at the meeting need to be resolved effectively and fundamentally by relevant branches and units, contributing to achieving and exceeding socio-economic targets according to the Resolution of the City Council in 2023.  The city and branches need to focus on solutions to remove difficulties, speed up the progress of public investment, ensure budget revenue and expenditure, pay attention to social security policies, actively support enterprises to recover and develop in difficult conditions due to the impact of the general situation in the country and the world, contributing to maintaining economic growth, socio-cultural development, maintaining security and order in the area.

​Reported by Ho Van- Translated by Thanh Tam​​​

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