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KOCHAM Charity Night 2022
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​PORTAL - Within the framework of "Meet Korea 2022", on the evening of 11-11, in Thu Dau Mot City, the KOCHAM Charity Night 2022 took place.

​Attending were Mr. Kwon Sung Chin - Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Ho Chi Minh City; leaders of departments, committees, branches, provincial Vietnam - Korea Friendship Association and Korean Chamber of Business in Binh Duong (KOCHAM Binh Duong).

"Meet Korea 2022" along with side events such as the KOCHAM Charity Night 2022 organized by KOCHAM Binh Duong are very meaningful to Binh Duong province and the Korean enterprise community investing in the province. This is an opportunity for Korean enterprises operating in Binh Duong province to carry out charitable activities to support those in difficult circumstances, contributing to creating a friendly and responsible Korean enterprise image, further tightening the friendly cooperation relationship between the two countries Vietnam - Korea.


KOCHAM Binh Duong always accompanies the province in economic and social development

Since its establishment in 2001, KOCHAM Binh Duong has always accompanied Binh Duong province in economic development as well as social welfare activities. Especially in the 2 years affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, KOCHAM Binh Duong and the Korean enterprise community have joined hands with the province to overcome difficulties and gradually restore production and business activities of enterprises, contributing to the recovery and economic development of the locality.

Speaking at the program, Ms. Ha Thanh - Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs believed that, in the coming time, KOCHAM Binh Duong and the Korean enterprise community will develop more and more and achieve many achievements in business.

 tuthien 1.jpg

Ms. Ha Thanh - Deputy Director of Department of Foreign Affairs speaks at the program

Kim Won Sik - Chairman of KOCHAM Binh Duong affirmed that KOCHAM Binh Duong will always accompany the provincial government in the development process and will be a bridge for economic cooperation between the two countries Vietnam - Korea.

 tuthien 2.jpg

tuthien 6.jpg

Presenting gratitude gifts to enterprises

The program presented gratitude gifts to enterprises actively participating in charity, social security in the province; awarded prizes of the Korea-Vietnam Exchange Golf Cup. At the same time, awarding medals to honor and reward individuals who have made many achievements in the Korea-Binh Duong diplomatic affairs.

tuthien 4.jpg

tuthien 5.jpg 

tuthien 3.JPG​​​​​​ 

Awarding prizes of the Korea-Vietnam Exchange Golf Cup

​Reported by Doan Trang- Thao Lam- Translated by Thanh Tam​

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