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Many cultural exchange activities between Binh Duong and Korean youth in 2023
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​PORTAL - On the morning of November 08, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong Province, the Provincial Youth Union had a meeting with the Korean International Cultural Exchange Center (IEC) on international youth work in 2023 led by Mr. Lee Tae Bum - IEC Director.

​Receiving and working with the delegation were Ms. Tran Thi Diem Trinh - Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union and leaders of the Provincial Youth Union and universities and colleges in the province.

At the meeting, leaders of Binh Duong Provincial Youth Union said that over the years, Binh Duong province has established a twinning relationship with Daejeon City (Korea), through many exchange and cooperation activities in the field of culture - society.

With a deep and potential cooperation relationship between the two countries Vietnam - Korea in general and Binh Duong province - Daejeon City in particular, along with the establishment of the Vietnam-Korea Cultural Exchange Center in Binh Duong province since the end of 2012 by IEC as the originator, the two units have coordinated to organize many cooperation programs. Specifically, the Provincial Youth Union organized 5 delegations of officials to exchange in Daejeon City and 07 delegations of IEC staff and Korean youth/chidren to exchange in Binh Duong province with many meaningful activities in the framework of the exchange of Vietnam - Korea Color Festival, the Journey of free dental examination and treatment for disadvantaged children of the YOENSE University Hospital Doctors Team of Korea, the program of visiting and giving gifts to the Center for Nurturing orphans, Center for People with Disabilities, people with difficult circumstances, and families under preferential treatment policy in Binh Duong province, Korean language teaching program and free cooking classes for Vietnamese people, etc.


Overview of the meeting

The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the Republic of Korea, as well as the 17th anniversary of Binh Duong province and Daejeon City establishing a friendly cooperative relationship.

In parallel with the activities of the province, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Binh Duong province and Daejeon city also organized many cultural exchange programs between students of the two localities. Through cultural exchange programs, young people of Binh Duong province had the opportunity to experience Korea's scientific, technological and high-tech advances, spread the image of Vietnam, and at the same time, strengthen the spirit of solidarity and cultural sympathy between the two localities.

At the meeting, the Provincial Youth Union and the IEC signed a number of key contents and tasks of the sides that need to coordinate in preparing to organize exchange activities for Binh Duong Vietnam - Korea Youth. Accordingly, the two sides coordinate to organize the Program of Binh Duong Provincial Youth Delegation to exchange with Daejeon City Youth alternately, from 2023, Binh Duong will welcome the delegation to exchange with activities such as visiting historical sites and scenic spots in Binh Duong province; exchanging with Binh Duong youth; organizing a delegation of doctors and students to examine and distribute medicine to young workers and children in difficult circumstances; carrying out social security activities (environmental sanitation, giving gifts to love classes, etc. associated with the Binh Duong Youth Volunteer Summer Campaign); organizing basic Korean language classes for young workers in industrial parks and clusters in Binh Duong province; coordinating with universities and colleges in the province in need to organize delegations of officials, lecturers and students to exchange cultures, visit and experience the learning environment at Korean universities.

 kykettd 2.jpg

Delegates sign a memorandum of cooperation to organize exchange activities between Binh Duong provincial youth and Korean youth

Speaking at the meeting, Ms. Tran Thi Diem Trinh hoped that in the coming time, the two units would continue to maintain and strengthen the sustainable cooperation relationship, with more programs for the people, especially the youth of both provinces can understand each other better; contribute to further fostering the growing friendship relationship between Binh Duong province - Daejeon City in the future.

kykettd 4.jpg

Ms. Tran Thi Diem Trinh - Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union presents a souvenir to Mr. Lee Tae Bum – IEC Director

Mr. Lee Tae Bum - IEC Director affirmed that, after a hiatus due to Covid-19, Binh Duong province and Daejeon City has reconnected with the successful start of the K-Culture and Content Festival 2022, within the framework of activities under the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Binh Duong (Vietnam) and Gangnam District (Seoul City - Korea) to promote international trade and cultural exchange between the sides. This has shown the efforts of the two sides in building a strong cooperative relationship that continues to be consolidated in all circumstances. He hoped that in 2023 and the following years there will be many more meaningful and practical programs on a larger scale.

​Reported by Doan Trang- Translated by Thanh Tam​

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