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Provincial leaders attend the Great Buddha's Birthday, Buddhist calendar 2566 - Solar calendar 2022
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​PORTAL - On the morning of May 15 (April 15th lunar calendar), at Hoi Khanh Pagoda (Thu Dau Mot City), the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) in Binh Duong province held the Great Buddha's Birthday, Buddhist calendar 2566 - Solar calendar 2022.

Attending were Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao – Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Nguyen Van Loc - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Head of Commission for Mass Mobilization of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front.

At the ceremony, the delegates listened to the Most Venerable Thich Hue Thong - Head of the BOD of provincial VBS read the message of the Great Buddha's Birthday, Buddhist calendar 2566 of the His Holiness the Dharma Master VBS. The message emphasized that, in any situation, a Buddhist disciple must also uphold morality, strictly observe precepts and obey the law; at the same time diligently practice the teachings of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity to nourish body and mind. That is the foundation for implementing social responsibility, eliminating evil, hatred and insensitivity in society.


phatdan 1.jpgProvincial leaders present flowers to congratulate the Great Buddha's Birthday, Buddhist calendar 2566 to the BOD of provincial VBS

Buddhists must further promote the tradition of protecting the nation and the people, accompanying the nation. Each monk and nun should uphold their responsibilities and fulfill their duties in the spirit of "Discipline - Responsibility - Solidarity - Development", make unremitting efforts to build a strong Sangha, continue to play an important role in the great national unity bloc, and be active in the cause of building and defending the Vietnamese Fatherland.

 phatdan 2.jpgProvincial leaders and representatives of departments, branches and localities perform the incense offering ceremony

At the ceremony, provincial leaders and representatives of departments, branches and localities together performed the rituals of offering incense, bathing Buddha, releasing pigeons and balloons to pray for peace, national peace and people's well-being.

phatdan 3.jpgVenerables, monks and nuns perform the ritual of chanting and reciting to celebrate Buddha's birthday

On behalf of the provincial leaders, Mr. Nguyen Van Loc sent his best wishes to the religious leaders and all monks, nuns, and fellow Buddhists to welcome the Buddha's birthday with joy and love in the great national unity bloc.

 phatdan 5.jpgProvincial leaders and the BOD of provincial VBS together perform the Buddha bathing ritual

Nguyen Van Loc emphasized, this year's Buddha's Birthday takes place in the context that Binh Duong province has just overcome the most difficult period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the spirit of "safely adapting, flexibly and effectively controlling the Covid-19  pandemic" and promoting economic development and ensuring social security. Although facing many difficulties and challenges, over the past time, Binh Duong province has performed quite well the socio-economic development targets; people's living standards are increasingly improved; the poor are taken care of, leaving no one behind, etc. These achievements have contributed significantly from religions in general, including Buddhism.

 phatdan 4.jpgVenerables, monks and nuns perform the Buddha bathing ritual

Provincial leaders recognized the role of Buddhist Sangha leaders at all levels, monks and nuns of Binh Duong province, for exemplary implementation and mobilizing Buddhist compatriots to well implement the guidelines of the Party, policies and laws of the State, actively participating in patriotic emulation movements launched by the Vietnam Fatherland Front and mass organizations. The "save suffering, give happiness" practical actions of Binh Duong Buddhism have been clearly demonstrated through social charity activities over the past time. Not only that, Binh Duong Buddhism is also very flexible and responds promptly and effectively to emerging global problems such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Provincial leaders always appreciate, cherish and praise the positive contributions of the Buddhist Sangha and all monks, nuns and Buddhists in the province to the cause of national unity, local construction and development; at the same time, believe that Binh Duong Buddhism will continue to preserve and promote the tradition of "protecting the nation and the people" and the motto "Dharma - Nationalism - Socialism".

 phatdan 6.jpg

Provincial leaders and the BOD of provincial VBS perform the ceremony of releasing pigeons and balloons to pray for peace, national peace and people's well-being

He hoped that, with the spirit of solidarity, the monks, nuns and Buddhists of Binh Duong would continue to promote the tradition of Vietnamese Buddhism, contribute and multiply the achieved results, together with the people of the province, build Binh Duong's hometown to become a smart urban area, growing richer, more civilized, and modern; people have a prosperous, peaceful and happy life.

 phatdan 7.jpgMost Venerable Thich Hue Thong presents 700 gifts to the provincial Red Cross Society to share with people in difficult circumstances

phatdan 8.jpg
Provincial leaders and the BOD of provincial VBS presents a symbolic donation of gift support to the Red Cross Society of 14 wards of Thu Dau Mot city to deliver to disadvantaged people

On this occasion, the provincial VBS Social Charity Committee presented the Provincial Cross Society 700 gifts, worth 400 million VND including cash and necessities to support disadvantaged people in 14 wards of Thu Dau Mot city.

phatdan 9.jpg 

phatdan 10.jpgphatdan 11.jpgPresenting gifts to support disadvantaged people 

​Reported by Doan Trang- Translated by Thanh Tam

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