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Provincial leaders receive the Ambassador of Denmark to Vietnam
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of May 12, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong Province, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) Nguyen Van Danh received and worked with Mr. Kim Højlund Christensen - Ambassador of Denmark to Vietnam. Attending were leaders of Pandora Group (Denmark).​

​Welcoming the Ambassador to visit and work with Binh Duong province this time, Vice Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Van Danh informed about the socio-economic situation of Binh Duong province over the past time. Accordingly, in 2021, Binh Duong was heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the the province's socio-economic situation still achieved outstanding results in terms of GRDP growth and foreign investment attraction. Up to now, Binh Duong has attracted more than 4,000 foreign investment projects, with a total investment capital of more than 39 billion USD. Currently, Binh Duong has more than 13 active Danish companies, which is the province with the largest number of Danish enterprises in Vietnam.


Overview of the meeting

Vice Chairman of the PPC thanked the Ambassador for introducing and creating all conditions for Danish enterprises to come to learn about the investment environment in Binh Duong, including Pandora Group investing in a factory in Vietnam - Singapore III Industrial Park. At the same time, he wished that, in the coming time, the Ambassador would continue to be a bridge to strengthen the cooperation relationship between the two countries Vietnam and Denmark in general, between Binh Duong province and Danish enterprises in particular.

Mr. Kim Højlund Christensen highly appreciated the investment environment of Binh Duong province, especially the provincial government for creating favorable conditions for Danish enterprises to do business effectively in Binh Duong. The Ambassador congratulated the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding along with the land lease agreement, marking the beginning of the cooperation between Pandora Group, a famous Danish jewelry brand in the world and Vietnam - Singapore III Industrial Park (VSIP III) in Binh Duong province. He hoped that in the coming time, the Binh Duong provincial government would continue to accompany and support Pandora Group to build the factory in Binh Duong according to the set schedule.


Delegates take a souvenir photo

 ​Reported by Mai Xuan- Translated by Thanh Tam

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