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Supervising land management and construction order management in Di An City
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PORTAL - On the afternoon of December 26, the Supervision Team of the Provincial Standing Party Committee led by Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) had a meeting with Di An City Party Committee Standing Committee on leadership and direction for land management and construction order in Di An City.

​According to the report, implementing leadership and direction for land management, Di An City has concretized plans, assigned tasks to each branch, specialized divisions, committees, and wards, and integrated tasks according to the annual plans on socio-economic development, defense, and security. In particular, the city has implemented Resolutions of Party Congresses at all levels, Action Programs, and thematic Resolutions on continuing to strengthen leadership in land management, planning, and urban order which has initially achieved quite comprehensive results. Di An has also focused on investing, allocating the budget to gradually increase the structure of public investment, mobilizing resources to participate in socializing roads, implementing lighting, investing in parks, etc. contributing to Di An recognized as a class II urban area.

Overview of the conference

Specifically, since 2020, the city has recovered and allocated land to 683 cases of households in resettlement areas; allowed changing of land use purposes with an area of 29.14 hectares; and issued certificates for the first time for 1.370 cases.

The city has organized a general review, statistics, and detailed listing of public land funds to establish management. To date, 523/534 public land locations have had their boundaries determined, landmarks placed in the field, measurements drawn, and information updated on sheet numbers, plot numbers, boundaries, etc. on cadastral maps according to regulations. It has invested in 28 green parks and landscapes on public land with a total area of over 56.000 m2.

Inspection - testing, supervision, and monitoring have been seriously conducted. Thereby, 102 households that used the land for improper purposes were remedied and restored to the land condition before the violation. At the same time, 236 decisions on penalties for late registration of changes in the land sector were issued.

In the management of construction orders, about 3.000 construction cases have been inspected. Thereby, 295 decisions to handle administrative violations were issued with a total fine of over 7 billion VND.  

At the meeting, representatives of relevant departments, branches, and units had many comments to contribute to land management and construction order management of Di An City.


Mr. Huynh Pham Tuan Anh - Deputy Director of the Department of Construction comments on land management and construction order in Di An City

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Vo Van Minh highly appreciated the efforts of Di An City and related agencies, committees, and branches in land management and construction in the area. With the local comments, he asked the Supervision Team to synthesize and complete the meeting content to report to the Provincial Standing Party Committee. The content of the report should clearly state the difficulties and problems, as well as the recommendations and solutions that the locality has stated. In particular, it is necessary to be serious in managing construction to avoid violations by people in construction. Currently, the province is planning to reconstruct the Di An City urban area. Therefore, Di An needs to focus on doing better planning work to create a breakthrough in the city's urban development in the future.


 Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the PPC, Head of the Supervision Team concludes the meeting

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