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Binh Duong strives to have over 80,000 enterprises by 2025
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PORTAL - The Provincial People's Committee (PPC) issued the Plan on implementing Resolution No. 45/NQ-CP dated March 31, 2023 of the Government.​

Accordingly, the Plan's goal is to develop a healthy and sustainable private economy, which is the driving force in successfully implementing the Resolution of the 11th Provincial Party Congress and socio-economic development plan for the 2021-2025 period. By 2025, the whole province will have over 80,000 enterprises registered for establishment. On average, each year there are over 7,500 newly established enterprises entering the market. Thereby increasing the scale, quality, and proportion of contribution to the province's GRDP. Narrowing the gap in technology level, quality, and competitive energy of the private sector compared to the leading group of ASEAN-4. Many enterprises are deeply involved in production networks, and regional and global value chains.

To achieve the goal, the province continues to synchronously and drastically implement solutions to create a favorable business and investment environment for development such as Administrative procedure reform associated with digital transformation; applying information technology to digitize records for digital transformation, especially in the fields of land, construction, and environment; training and fostering to improve the qualifications and ethics of civil servants and public employees; etc.

At the same time, it supports the expansion of the private economy's ability to participate in the market and promotes fair competition through solutions and policies to effectively exploit the domestic market and develop the market in the province; providing commodity market information, consumption connection needs between production, consumption, import and export enterprises inside and outside the province; combating commercial fraud, manipulation and market domination; etc.

Investing in infrastructure construction of industrial parks and clusters according to planning associated with the formation of key roads; forming a system of ports, ICDs, and multi-modal logistics. In particular, it focuses on building science and technology industrial parks and industrial clusters with a net zero orientation.

Creating conditions for enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to access bank credit capital; simplifying credit granting procedures and other service provision procedures.

Supporting and guiding enterprises, organizations, and individuals in protecting intellectual property rights. Promoting the implementation of projects to support innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the province; the Triple Helix model associated with startups and innovation; etc.

In addition, continuing to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of State management; unifying awareness and ideology on private economic development.​

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