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​​ Action plan on green growth in Binh Duong province for the 2023-2030 period
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PORTAL – The Provincial People's Committee (PPC) promulgates an Action Plan on green growth in Binh Duong province for the 2023-2030 period.

Specifically, topic 1: Building and perfecting institutions and policies, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of State management in association with green growth goals.

Topic 2: Communication, education and awareness raising

Topic 3: Human resource development and green jobs

Topic 4: Mobilizing financial resources and promoting investments for green growth

Topic 5: Investing in science and technology, innovation

Topic 6: Integration and international cooperation

Topic 7: Equality in green transformation, ensuring that different target groups, especially those affected when economic restructuring associated with growth model innovation, disadvantaged groups (women, children, ethnic minorities, the poor, the disabled, the elderly) have equal access to opportunities, information, technical infrastructure, basic social services, suitable to new fields and jobs during the transition to green economy.

Topic 8: Energy (ensuring energy security in the direction of developing energy sources, exploiting and using energy sources economically and transforming the energy source structure towards reducing dependence on fossil energy; promoting efficient exploitation and increasing the proportion of renewable and new energy sources in the province's energy production and consumption, etc.).

Topic 9: Industry (improving energy use performance and efficiency, reducing energy consumption; step by step limiting industries that generate large waste, cause pollution and degrade the environment, and create conditions for the development of new green manufacturing industries, etc.).

Topic 10: Transportation and logistics services (increasing investment in modernization of transport systems, networks and vehicles on the basis of energy saving, high economic and environmental efficiency, and resilience to climate change;accelerating the transformation of goods transportation methods, promoting logistics activities in the green direction; improving competitiveness, developing logistics services in the green direction).

Topic 11: Construction (promoting urbanization towards a sustainable smart city that is resilient to climate change, ensuring eco-economic efficiency).

Topic 12: Agriculture and agricultural development (developing modern agriculture, circular agriculture, green, clean, sustainable, smart agriculture, improving the quality, added value and competitiveness of agricultural production through the adjustment and restructuring of livestock, crops, forestry and aquaculture and the application of processes and technologies for economical and efficient use of seeds, feed, agricultural materials and natural resources, etc.)

Topic 13: Waste management (strengthening waste management through research and development of solid waste integrated management models, waste treatment technology towards circular economy, waste transformation into resources, production materials, etc.).

Topic 14: Air quality management

Topic 15: Management of water resources, land resources, biodiversity; blue sea economic development.

Topic 16: Green, sustainable consumption and shopping.

Topic 17: Building a green, smart and sustainable healthcare; promoting community health care in the direction of improving people's capacity to cope with climate change and air pollution.

Topic 18: Developing tourism types in the direction of green growth, developing green tourism products.​

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