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Binh Duong: Putting people and enterprises at the center of digital transformation
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​​PORTAL - The project "Developing the application of population database, identification and electronic authentication for national digital transformation in the 2022-2025 period, with a vision to 2030" (referred to as Project 06) was born with the hopes to create new achievements and steps on the digital era integration journey. For Binh Duong, after one year of implementation, Project 06 has brought many utilities, saved time and state budget, and gradually contributed to the establishment of a professional, modern and transparent administration to better serve people and enterprises.

Utility values from Project 06

Before, when the chip-based Citizen Identity Card (ID card) was not applied to replace the Health Insurance (HI) card in medical examination and treatment, the medical examination and treatment process at healthcare facilities took a lot of time, people had to present many documents, wait a long time for healthcare staff to verify and enter information. Currently, people only need to carry Citizen ID Card without having to bring a paper HI card with them when going to healthcare facilities for medical examination and treatment. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai (Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city) said: "I personally find this model very convenient, I don't have to carry as many documents as before, the registration procedure for medical examination and treatment is quick and I don't have to wait a lot of time."

The use of a chip-based Citizen ID card to replace the HI card in medical examination and treatment is a step forward is a step forward in reforming administrative procedures for the Health branch, which clearly demonstrates the utilities that Project 06 brings. Up to now, the whole province has 1,639,481 HI cards that have been integrated and authenticated with Citizen ID cards; 177/177 HI healthcare facilities looked up HI card information by chip-based Citizen ID card with 609,096/741,396 successful searches for medical examination and treatment covered by HI, reaching 82.16%, ranking in the TOP of the country in applying chip-based Citizen ID card to replace the HI card in medical examination and treatment, etc.


Point model of medical examination and treatment using chip-based Citizen ID card to replace HI card at Provincial General Hospital

For the Justice branch, implementing the plan to enter civil status data on the National Population Database, the branch has coordinated to digitize 930,322 civil status records, reaching the rate of 100%, exceeding the schedule 18 days in advance, reducing machine rental costs, saving more than 45% of the State budget. "Correct, sufficient, clean" data creates a solid "root" to promote online public services to serve people and enterprises. The civil status data is entered into the civil status registration and management information system to build and create data for the national electronic civil status database, the exploitation and use of digitized civil status data will help simplify administrative procedures, reduce documents to be submitted and processing time, and reduce travel for people.

Deploying the peak phase to authenticate the database on social security, non-cash payments for people with meritorious services, social protection, the provincial Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs branch has completed information verification for 36,793 beneficiaries under preferential treatment policy; in which 25,460 people are eligible to open accounts and 24,344 people have been granted ATM cards; rate of 71%. With this rate, Binh Duong becomes the leading locality in the country in non-cash social security payments.


Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi visits and encourages people who make Citizen ID cards at Phu Cuong Ward Police

The official "death" of temporary residence books and household registration books in all administrative procedures services from January 01, 2023 marks another important milestone in the administrative management of Binh Duong as well as provinces and cities nationwide. Accordingly, the management of residence (permanent residence, temporary residence) changes from manual method by paper book to modern management method by information technology; specifically, residence management by using personal identification numbers to access, update and adjust on the National Population Database. Information about each citizen's permanent and temporary residence is a digital data field updated and adjusted on the National Population Database; agencies, organizations and citizens can exploit and use them to serve civil transactions, settle administrative procedures, etc.


Functional force integrates the HI card and other documents into the Citizen ID card

After one year of implementation, Project 06 has made a breakthrough, making fundamental changes in many fields, Binh Duong has become a bright spot in digital transformation with many outstanding indexs, standing in the TOP of the country. The whole province has deployed 1,290/1,290 online public services, reaching 100%; 139,525 accounts were created on the National Public Service Portal, the Provincial Public Service Portal with 587,155 with 587,155 documents submitted online. Regarding the on-time settlement index on Public Service Portal, Binh Duong reached 18.8/20 points. In the satisfaction index of people and enterprises, Binh Duong has an average score of 17/18 points. In 2022, Binh Duong's online public service index only reached 3.8/12 points, but in the first 3 months of 2023, the province had a breakthrough with 7.2/12 points.

Binh Duong ranked 3rd nationwide in both areas of Citizen ID card issuance and the number of successfully activated electronic identification (eID) accounts. Accordingly, the whole province has issued 1,919,976/1,972,053 Citizen ID cards, reaching 97.36%. At the same time, 607,725/1,005,735 level-2 eID records were obtained, reaching 60.43%. According to statistics of the Police Department for administrative management of social order, as of March 16, 2023, the total number of approved eID records is 556,290 documents; 172,986/1,005,735 active accounts, reaching 17.2%.

Building digital data, completing digital transformation infrastructure

According to the assessment of the Project 06 Working Group, in addition to the initial positive results with many utility values, the implementation of Project 06 still has many problems. In some places, the arrangement of computers, transmission lines, creating free access points is lacking. The preparation of conditions for human resources and funding is still slow, not meeting the requirements of the task, especially high-quality human resources in information technology.

Services in the electronic environment require citizens to register for an account and have network access devices such as smartphones, computers, etc. and skills in using relevant applications and software. In many cases, due to lack of equipment and limited software use skills, they are afraid to access and use services. The features of the current VNeID app have been widely deployed for people to use; however, the app does not have many utilities, information about driver's license, vehicle registration, etc. is slow to display, prolongs the time to roam the documents to the receiving software, leading to the settlement and return of results to citizens that do not guarantee the prescribed time.


The community digital technology group of Phu Tho ward, Thu Dau Mot city guides people to install and activate level 2 eID account

The national population database system is unstable, with many software functions incomplete, regularly updated and upgraded, etc. so there are many cases where citizen information has not been updated timely on the system; there is still a situation where citizen information is not consistent in documents, etc.

It can be seen that Project 06 still has "obstacles", "bottlenecks" that Binh Duong need to remove in 2023. In which, there are 3 issues on building and strengthening human resources for digital transformation to meet both quality and quantity; build digital data sources; continue to improve the infrastructure for digital transformation.

According to Colonel Vu Van Tan - Deputy Director General of the Police Department for administrative management of social order, the Ministry of Public Security: "Digitalization requires data and storage to serve the exploitation and use. It is known that Binh Duong is starting to deploy a datastore, has connected the data of the project implementation results to the Provincial Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) on the digital map platform, serving the direction and administration. From the success of the civil status data entry model, Binh Duong can completely successfully digitize other data such as: data of committees and branches, unions, party members, civil servants, public employees, etc. A further goal is to complete the overall data for the whole province."


Binh Duong Intelligent Operation Center effectively serves the province's direction and administration.Photo: The provincial delegation listens to the leaders of the IOC Binh Duong report on the province's supervision and administration activities

In addition to the task of focusing on overcoming the backlogs and problems; the Project 06 Working Group continues to set higher and more distant goals and expectations in the coming time. On the basis of the achieved results, in 2023, the province will continue to perfect the ecosystem for connecting, exploiting and enriching population data. Strengthening the propaganda and dissemination of the law on Project 06 to a large number of people in the province to grasp and actively participate in the implementation. Accordingly, deploying community digital transformation teams, volunteering to propagate and guide people to install and activate level 2 eID accounts. Paying attention to the work of ensuring security and safety of information and data. Effectively maintaining and implementing utility groups for handling administrative procedures, providing online public services, effectively implementing online public services, especially the 25 essential public services identified in the Project 06 and 24 online public services.

Binh Duong was selected by the Government as a pilot locality to integrate driver's licenses on eID accounts via the "VNeID" app. Currently, the Provincial Project 06 Working Group is actively coordinating with the Government's Project 06 Working Group to develop the content, guide and implement the pilot plan to integrate the driver's license on the eID account of "VNeID" app in the near future.

Promoting the application of Citizen ID cards in medical examination and treatment to replace paper HI; comprehensively promoting all digital payment methods, especially in payment of hospital fees and tuition fees, and implementing social security policies for beneficiaries with the state budget. Deploying the use of Citizen ID cards to replace ATM cards at branches of banks located in the area, other utilities are integrated on VNeID app when there are specific instructions from the Ministry of Public Security. Accelerating the collection of eID documents for citizens in the province with the goal of completing activation of more than 1.2 million level 2 eID accounts before June 20, 2023, etc.

Speaking at the Conference summarizing the one-year implementation of Project 06, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi suggested that the Project 06 Working Group and other branches and levels continue to thoroughly understand and raise awareness for both the political system and the people about the importance of Project 06; uphold the spirit of leaders in digital transformation. Completing facilities and infrastructure for digital transformation; building and renovating the government apparatus in the direction of modernity and efficient operation to serve the people and enterprises. Continuing to deploy eID accounts; striving until June 01, 2023 not to receive paper documents in handling administrative procedures; collecting and inputting data on the system of the provincial IOC system; solving the shortage of equipment for the grassroots; upgrading transmission lines; improving the operational efficiency of the community transformation team of the residential area, etc.

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