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Binh Duong: Improving the efficiency of administrative procedures
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​PORTAL - Operation and improvement of operational quality of the Provincial Public Administration Center; the Provincial administrative procedure settlement information system in the province are the content set forth by the provincial People's Council deputies during the Questioning session at the 11th meeting - the 10th Provincial People's Council took place on the morning of July 21, at the Provincial Administration Center. 

The population database is gradually being completed

Deputy Tran Huu Tai (Deputy Group of Thuan An City) questioned the implementation of using a level 2 electronic identity account (e-ID account) with the same value as the use of a Citizen Identification Card (Citizen ID card) in performing transactions requiring the presentation of a Citizen ID card; value in providing information in the papers of citizens for comparison by competent agencies and organizations when performing transactions requiring the presentation of papers at the Provincial Public Administration Center. Mr. Vo Anh Tuan - Chief of the PPC Office said that following the direction of the PPC and the Ministry of Public Security, the Provincial Police Department issued Document No. 329/CAT-PC06 dated May 11, 2023, implementing the contents of Official Dispatch No. 1101/BCA-QLHC to all departments, branches and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities to study, guide and direct officials, people, and related agencies to organize the implementation at the Provincial Public Administration Center, the District-level Public Administration Service Center and the Commune-level One-Stop-Shop to comply with regulations. Up to now, the administrative procedure (AP) settlement information system in Binh Duong province has completed connecting to the National Database on Population since December 10, 2022 with 20 information fields according to the guidance of the Government Office on connecting, integrating and sharing with the national database on population.

Daibieu- Tai_Key_21072023185601.jpg 

Deputy Tran Huu Tai (Deputy Group of Thuan An City) asks questions

As of July 19, 2023, the AP settlement information system recorded 117,573 times of searching and identifying citizen information. However, in practice, there are still many obstacles and currently only using 10-14 data fields (depending on the procedure) to look up and automatically fill out electronic forms; the information fields are still inaccurate, missing, the data is old, leading to the people, civil servants and public employees having to make adjustments to the information, causing loss of time and effort of the people. On this issue, the PPC has reported to the Ministry of Public Security to continue to improve the database on population.

 ​Daibieu- CVP Tuan_Key_21072023185700.jpg

Mr. Vo Anh Tuan - Chief of People's Committee Office answers questions from deputies

Particularly with the question of deputy Tran Huu Tai about being able to use a level 2 e-ID account to replace having to present the vehicle ownership certificate and driver's license to the authorities when the traffic participants work with the Traffic Police or not, Colonel Ta Van Dep - Director of Provincial Police said that in order to be able to do this, besides registering for a level 2 e-ID account, people must integrate 03 related documents such as: health insurance, driver's license, certificate car ownership to level 2 eID account. However, at present, the law has not been institutionalized by specific standards, so up to the present stage, this content cannot be implemented.

Improve the quality of public administrative services

Responding to the question of delegate Nguyen Thanh Quang (Deputy Group of Thuan An City) about solutions to improve the quality of volunteer teams at Public Administration Centers as well as the asynchronous process of receiving and processing records between localities, Mr. Vo Anh Tuan - Chief of the PPC Office said that the PPC Office is coordinating with the Standing Committee of the Provincial Youth Union to deploy more effectively the volunteer team. Specifically, arranging regular and continuous volunteers, mobile volunteers, and coordinating with the community digital technology team, especially at the commune level, to ensure better service to people and enterprises.

Daibieu- Quang_Key_21072023185823.jpg 

Deputy Nguyen Thanh Quang (Deputy Group of Thuan An City) asks questions

In addition, volunteers will be coordinated training, arranged to support and guide people to perform online public services at the Commune Police. Regarding the reason for the incompatibility in the process of receiving and processing dossiers between localities, because in the process of implementing the provincial AP settlement information system (on the basis of merging the provincial public service portal and the provincial electronic one-stop-shop information system), two systems must be used in parallel, which are old software (from 2014) and new software so there is a situation where the dossiers cannot be looked up at some time (due to a synchronization error in the province and synchronization on the National Public Service Portal). According to regulations, the online dossier submission of people and enterprises must have a digital signature and digital signature on the record component to authenticate the identity. Therefore, if there is no digital signature, people and enterprises must bring the original dossiers directly to compare and submit to the AP settlement agency for storage in accordance with regulations. From that, leading to the situation of the same online public service, but there are different processes between localities. Up to now, the provincial AP settlement information system has basically been completed and operated quite stably, overcome the situation of not being able to look up dossiers.

Answering the question of deputy Nguyen Thanh Tam (Deputy Group of Thuan An City) about solutions to improve the quality of consulting and supporting enterprises and people at the Public Administration Center, Mr. Tuan said that according to statistics, in 2022, on average, 01 provincial civil servant or public emplouyee received 3,432 dossiers/year (2.1 times higher than the minimum level of 1,600 dossiers/person/year) according to Decision No. 468/QD-TTg dated March 27, 2021 of the Prime Minister); 4.5 times more at the Provincial Public Administration Center in particular, so it puts pressure on civil servants and public employees. In the coming time, the province will continue to consolidate and supplement the contingent of volunteers; strengthen fostering and training on office culture, communication and behavior, updating new regulations, equipping with necessary skills to improve the quality of task performance of the volunteer team; diversify channels of advice and guidance on AP, implementing online public services. Besides, equipping with smart Kios systems that can guide people and enterprises to perform APs directly at the machine, guide to submit APs online, receive dossiers and return results 24/7, etc., without the need for the implementation of civil servants, public employees to bring many utilities to best serve the needs of solving AP problems of people, enterprises, etc.  

​​ Daibieu- Tam_Key_21072023185932.jpg

Deputy Nguyen Thanh Tam (Deputy Group of Thuan An City) asks questions 

However, there is still a state of delayed enterprise dossiers, answering the question of deputy Huynh Thi Tuyet Hanh (Deputy Group of Thuan An City), the Chief of the PPC Office said that the PPC Office is making efforts to coordinate with relevant departments, branches and localities to focus on handling and advising the PPC, the PPC Chairman to direct rectification and remedial measures to step by step limit and proceed to no longer delay the dossier settlement without a very good reason. The tracking of dossiers on the online public service portal has not shown in some cases, this error may arise during the transition from the old software module to the new software module and has been basically fixed so far.

 Daibieu- Hanh_Key_21072023190006.jpg

Deputy Huynh Thi Tuyet Hanh (Deputy Group of Thuan An City) asks questions

In order to renew the one-stop-shop, connected one-stop-shop mechanism in handling APs, build a Public Administration Center in the direction of service administration - taking the user as the center, organizing and arranging the areas for receiving dossiers and returning results in a modern and friendly manner, associated with digital transformation, answering questions from deputy Tran Thi Diem Trinh (Deputy Group of Di An City), the Chief of PPC Office said that the PPC Office has directed the Public Administration Center to submit a proposal report on the idea of organizing and rearranging the one-stop-shop area; at the same time find a consulting unit to design and rearrange the Provincial Public Administration Center.  To date, the consulting unit has proposed the initial design plan. The PPC Office will hold a meeting to collect opinions from relevant departments and branches next week so that the consulting unit can complete the detailed design and submit it to the PPC Standing Committee for the next steps. It is expected to be completed in early 2024.

With the content of questioning about the orientation of the PPC Office in advising to raise the support regime level to promptly encourage officials and civil servants to perform the tasks of receiving, returning results, and handling dossiers directly at the One-Stop-shop Section at all levels, the management officials and civil servants, including personnel from the Police, Tax, Social Insurance agencies, etc., Mr. Vo Anh Tuan said, after 9 years of implementation, the support level of 400,000 VND/person/month (according to Resolution No. 19/2014/NQ-HDND8 dated July 24, 2014) is no longer appropriate. The Office has advised the PPC to assign the Provincial Public Administration Center to the chair and coordinate with the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Finance and relevant units to study, propose and advise the PPC o submit to the Provincial People's Council to promulgate a Resolution on specific support regimes for one-stop-shop personnel working at the Section of receiving and returning results at all levels to replace Resolution No. 19/2014/NQ-HDND8, expected to be submitted at the end of the meeting in 2023. The target subject is expected to include one-stop-shop personnel of vertical agencies that receive and return results at the One-Stop-shop section at all levels.

 Daibieu- TRinh_Key_21072023190101.jpg

Deputy Tran Thi Diem Trinh (Deputy Group of Di An City) ask questions

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