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Binh Duong: 10 public places in Thuan An city with free wifi coverage
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PORTAL -  Thuan An City has just announced that it has free wifi coverage at 10 public places, including 7 parks located in densely populated residential areas.

Accordingly, 10 public places with free wifi will start serving people from August 8.

Free wifi hotspots include:

Thuan An City Public Administration Service Center (An Phu Ward)

Cultural and Labor Center of Binh Duong Province (An Phu Ward)

SCG Community Sports Ground (An Phu Ward)

Gia Long Park (Lai Thieu ward)

Chau Van Tiep Park (Lai Thieu Ward)

Binh Nham Park (Binh Nham ward)

Binh Hoa Park (Binh Hoa ward)

Thuan Giao Park (Thuan Giao Ward)

An Phu Park (An Phu ward)

Lai Thieu Embankment Area Park (Lai Thieu Ward)

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam, Chairman of Thuan An city, the coverage of free wifi in public places to improve the efficiency of administrative reform. Especially to improve the quality and efficiency of online public services. Thereby, promoting digital transformation in the city.

In addition, in Thu Dau Mot City, Tan Uyen Town, and Ben Cat Town, many free wifi hotspots have been installed, creating a lot of convenience for people.

It is known that in order to have a place to rest and entertain people and workers after a tiring working day, Binh Duong has built many mini parks.

Up to now, Binh Duong province has more than 100 parks and is continuing to build more.

Mini parks in Binh Duong with an area from 80 to over 500 meters are taken from the available public land fund and some offices have been moved to other places.

According to the leader of the Binh Duong province government, the land to build the park is located in a beautiful location, the land value is high, but the fact that people have places to play and entertain, the value is even higher.


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