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Binh Duong prepares to organize the "Meet Japan 2023" Program
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​​​PORTAL - On the morning of July 25, at the Administration Center of Binh Duong province, Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) Mai Hung Dung chaired the meeting to listen to the report on the preparation of the "Meet Japan 2023" program in Binh Duong.

The "Meet Japan 2023" program aims to practically celebrate the 50th founding anniversary of Viet Nam - Japan diplomatic relations; is an opportunity for Binh Duong province and localities and Japanese partners to evaluate the cooperation results in the past time and the direction of cooperation in the coming time. At the same time, promoting economic diplomacy activities, attracting foreign direct investment capital as well as widely promoting the image of Binh Duong province, and contributing to strengthening the relationship between Binh Duong province and Japanese localities and partners, thereby contributing to promoting the extensive strategic partnership between Viet Nam and Japan.


 Ms. Ha Thanh - Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs reports on the preparation of the event

It is expected that the program will be held in 02 days from September 08 to 09, 2023 at the Provincial Convention and Exhibition Center and some locations in Binh Duong province with about 400 guests including Senior leaders of the Government of Viet Nam, Government of Japan, leaders of Japanese localities twinning with Binh Duong province, Japanese enterprises, etc.

The program includes the following main contents: the Conference "Supply and demand connection of Goods and Industry and Trade Fair of the Southeast Region"; "Binh Duong Women with Japanese Culture" Program; "Meet Japan" program to meet Japanese enterprises and partners; Groundbreaking ceremony of A1 roundabout; Opening of WTC Exhibition Center; inauguration of WTC Tower; Welcome music and fireworks show.

There are also side events such as the Festival at AEON MALL Thuan An, Binh Duong; Viet Nam - Japan cultural, art, and culinary exchange program of "Japan Festival"; Viet Nam - Japan youth exchange program.​


Leader of the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority comments on the program content

At the meeting, representatives of departments and branches commented on such contents as guests, the event organization, the organization budget, the propaganda, etc.

Concluding the meeting, Permanent Vice Chairman of the PPC Mai Hung Dung emphasized the importance of the event, therefore requesting the departments and branches to carefully prepare the event program, especially the logistics of sending invitations, budgeting, event propaganda, etc. Agencies and units closely coordinate and organize the implementation of specific assigned tasks to make the event a success, contributing to further tightening the friendly cooperation relationship between the two countries Viet Nam - Japan in general, Binh Duong province, and localities of Japan in particular.​​​

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