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Inaugurating the Global Food and Beverage Innovation Centre
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​​PORTAL – On the morning of July 04, at Viet Nam - Singapore IIA Industrial Park, Vinh Tan Ward, Tan Uyen city, Viet Nam's first-ever global innovation centre for the food and beverage (F&B) industry (BLOOM.) was officially inaugurated and put into operation.

Attending the opening ceremony were Ms. Ann Måwe - Swedish Ambassador to Viet Nam, Mr. Pham Hong Quat - Director of National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Development, Ministry of Science and Technology and leaders of large F&B companies in Viet Nam.

BLOOM. is developed by Tetra Pak and DenEast, working with the goal of revolutionizing the F&B industry through a product development model with an innovative and cost-effective approach.


BLOOM. is the first-ever global innovation centre for the F&B industry in Viet Nam​

BLOOM. drives innovation for every brand, from turning an idea into a concrete product concept to testing small numbers of products in the market, to expanding production to medium, large, and mass production. Flexible technology enables seamless scaling from trial to full production with no equipment investment.​

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bloom 6.jpgDelegates perform the inauguration ceremony of BLOOM.​

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Adolfo Orive - President & CEO of Tetra Pak said that BLOOM. demonstrates a long-term commitment to contribute to Viet Nam's goal of transforming to a creative economy as well as unlocking the great potential of the F&B industry. BLOOM. is designed to help F&B enterprises accelerate product innovation, turn ideas into concrete products, help enterprises produce small batches to gauge market acceptance, and then assist them in transitioning to medium, large, and mass production.​

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Mr. Adolfo Orive – President & CEO of Tetra Pak speaks at the ceremony

In particular, BLOOM. will significantly shorten the new product launch cycle, from a period in years to a few months; thereby being able to bring the company's new innovative products to market at a rapid pace without the need for significant financial investments in equipment lines.

bloom 4.jpgbloom 4.jpgbloom 3.jpg

bloom 3.jpgDelegates visit BLOOM.

Mr. Johan Boden - General Director of DenEast Viet Nam shared that innovation is key for F&B enterprises to stay ahead in a rapidly growing market with increasing demand for nutritious, healthy and sustainable products. Smaller enterprises need expertise and need to invest more in production equipment, while established enterprises do not want product innovation to lead to production disruption, they also lack the facilities to implement product innovations on a small scale. Leveraging Tetra Pak's technological strengths and extensive expertise, and DenEast's manufacturing capabilities, BLOOM. can effectively address these challenges for any enterprise. BLOOM. offers exceptional flexibility and efficiency, shortening time-to-market and saving enterprises from having to invest in equipment. All services for product development and production are available in one place. BLOOM. can meet the needs of F&B brands not only in Viet Nam but also throughout the region and other countries around the world.​

bloom 1.jpgbloom 1.JPG

Mr. Johan Boden - General Director of DenEast Viet Nam shares at the ceremony

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