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From the historical characteristics of a "friendly land", Binh Duong has become a place where many generations of residents come together to live and work. Beginning with the first settlers to reclaim wasteland in the late 16th and the early 17th centuries, followed by a period of immigration following the expansion of French colonial ​​​​rubber plantations in the early 20th century. Next came the migration of Catholics from the Northern provinces in 1954, it was the new economic development after liberation, and now the attraction of industrial development is forming a new generation of residents… In each stage of local development, especially in the new period, the people of Binh Duong always show "the most important factor of the quality of convergence and exchange in the modern period of Binh Duong is the attitude of the people of Binh Duong. sincerity, openness, friendliness and no discrimination towards all organizations, individuals and people who sincerely want to come here, live, work, enrich and contribute to the locality, regardless of the source. origin, background, class composition, ethnicity.”

With a length of more than 300 years of establishment and development, the open concept of "Binh Duong people" comes from a convergent culture, shaping the strategy of building people as a combination of outstanding cultural features representing with Knowledge, Dynamic and Love.

In love with Knowledge, or "arbiter" is considered a typical cultural element of Binh Duong people. From the first years of implementing the renovation, Binh Duong not only implemented the strategy of "spreading flower mats to attract investment" but also "rolling out the red carpet to attract talents", developing many policies to attract the most talented employees, high-quality human resources, creating internal resources power for the locality to make a strong breakthrough.

In the challenging context of the Industry 4.0, the work of improving knowledge, training and fostering talents is even more important. Therefore, in the past years, training human resources has been focused by the province, and improving the quality of education and training, investing in building a system of quality and methodical training institutions at all levels; aims to train new people with ideals, knowledge and comprehensive skills to meet the cause of industrialization and modernization of the province. With the attention and investment in education and training, the province currently has 08 universities, 07 colleges, 10 intermediate schools and a system of education and vocational centers; The quality of trained human resources has been significantly improved.2

1 KMC (60)-net-phong.jpgThe program to light up dreams, encourage school education, and award scholarships to poor, studious children are focused and given enormous attention by the province

The province has promulgated and implemented many policies in training, fostering, employing and treating talents in such fields as: Scheme on selection and training of source staff from talented students; training programs, attracting and improving the quality of human resources; policies to attract people with academic titles and degrees working at the University; preferential policies, supporting enterprises to invest in human resource training; policies to attract highly qualified human resources to work in Binh Duong; preferential policies for the education, training and health sectors; policies to support enterprises in vocational training and job creation for workers in the province, preferential regimes for cadres, civil servants and public employees working in information technology and telecommunications of the province...

Besides knowledge, Binh Duong people in all historical periods have shown Dynamism, creativity, dare to think, dare to do. Because without dynamism and creativity, the first generations of residents could not find ways to cope with wild and harsh natural conditions, to reclaim land and set up villages. That Dynamism is the key to success, which is followed by generations of residents to survive and develop in the new land. And it is with that same character that right after the 6th Party Congress, Binh Duong broke through the stagnation, pioneering in finding new ways to successfully break through to become an industrially developed province. Dynamism goes hand in hand with creativity, so that today, Binh Duong continues to be a pioneer in decisions on developing transport infrastructure, developing industrial parks, building a modern centralized public administration center, creating fthe most favorable conditions to serve the people and the business community. All of them stem from the model and creative way of the leadership team, who are dynamic, thinking, dare to do, receiving the consensus and support of the people and the business community. 

The outstanding cultural feature that is indispensable when it comes to the Land and Binh Duong people is Love. As well as dynamic character, it is the natural environmental conditions that have formed generations of Binh Duong people who live full of love. From time immemorial, the community of residents of the new land has valued "neighbors, lights out at night", together with their backs and hearts, forming a united strength to fight against wild beasts and many challenges. Culture is a flow, so that beauty remains intact until today, when Binh Duong operates the construction government, always creating the most favorable conditions not only to attract investment, but also important. rather than creating a firm belief for investors, considering investors' difficulties as their own, investors' success as their own...

With a "premium" position, located in Vietnam's Southern Key Economic Region, Binh Duong is a "magnet" attracting millions of workers from all regions of the country to live and work. In addition to economic development, the work of ensuring social security, caring for and taking care of the material and spiritual life of workers is considered a responsibility and sentiment of the Party Committee, the government and the whole community. political system in the province. Social housing policy, cultural and educational institutions for workers are invested by the province; practical care and support programs of socio-political organizations for workers such as the establishment of the Fund to support workers in difficult circumstances, the programs Lighting up dreams, Resilience to school , awarding scholarships to poor children who are studious, are the spring buses of gratitude to bring workers home to welcome Tet ... ; During natural disasters and enemy sabotage, the hearts of Binh Duong people are always filled with gifts and necessities sent to people in the Central and Western regions during storms and floods... so that the workers far from their hometown are giving birth. Living, working and contributing to Binh Duong is warm-hearted and safe to work. Gratitude is also expressed in festivals and religious activities, typically the annual Ba Thien Hau Pagoda Festival in Binh Duong has been considered a "free festival" with drinking water, food, and parking, patching ... are all free, leaving a good impression of Binh Duong people to visitors. In particular, during the recent Covid-19 epidemic, the tradition of gratitude of Binh Duong people is also reflected in the selfless sacrifice of the frontline forces to fight the epidemic, volunteering to support and serve the prevention work, anti-epidemic of the people, is the spirit of "Help and share each other's difficulties and tribulations.", "mutual love", "The leaves protect tattered ones." in the residential community.

On the basis of thoroughly grasping the viewpoint "Human is the center of the development strategy and at the same time the subject of development", the Resolution of the 11th  Binh Duong Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 - 2025 has been included in the chapter. breakthrough process content "develop and improve the quality of human resources, meet the requirements of Binh Duong construction to develop towards a smart, civilized and modern city"... building people, considering culture as both the foundation and the driving force of future development. Continuing to promote core values to continue building a knowledgeable, dynamic, and compassionate Binh Duong people, meeting the requirements of development and integration in the new era, contributing to bringing views, the Party's guidelines and resolutions on building Vietnamese people to develop comprehensively into real life.

Mrs. Truong Thi Bich Hanh

Provincial Party Inspection Committee

Translated by Nguyen Dong


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