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Binh Duong: Reaching and exceeding 30 socio-economic targets in 2022
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​PORTAL - On the morning of November 16, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong province, Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) chaired the 24th Meeting to approve the socio-economic situation in 2022.

​Attending were Mr. Mai Hung Dung - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Permanent Vice Chairman of PPC; Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Vice Chairman of PPC, leaders of the Provincial People's Council and PPC members. The meeting was online to 09 districts, towns and cities.

GRDP is estimated to increase by 8.29%

The report of the PPC in 2022 shows that, despite facing many unpredictable difficulties and challenges, with the proactive and timely spirit of the Party Committee and the government, and the efforts of the enterprise community and people to overcome difficulties, the province's socio-economic situation has recovered and achieved many positive results in all fields. Economic growth has clearly changed month by month, quarter by quarter, people's living standards and workers' incomes have improved; the socio-economic situation has achieved many positive results, political security, social order and safety have been maintained stably. The results have achieved and exceeded 30/34 targets of the plan in 2022.

Trade and services recover quickly in all industries. Service and entertainment activities are vibrant again; the supply of goods at supermarkets and traditional markets is abundant, ensuring to fully serve the shopping needs of the people; the consumer price index is controlled.


Overview of the meeting

Specifically, the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) was estimated to increase by 8.29% (reaching the plan of 8-8.3%); GRDP per capita achieved the plan (169.8 million VND); the economic structure of industry - services - agriculture - product tax minus product subsidies had the corresponding proportion of 67.63% - 22.23% - 2.69% - 7.45% (reaching the plan).

Industrial production kept a good growth rate over the same period; the processing and manufacturing industries basically resumed supply chains; the industrial production index was estimated to increase by 8.9% over the previous year (achieving the plan of 8.9% increase). Maintaining the percentage of households using electricity in the province reached 99.99% (reaching the plan of 99.99%).


Binh Duong deploys many solutions to help enterprises recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, Index of Industrial Production in 2022 is estimated to increase by 8.9%

Regarding trade and services, the province has effectively implemented the program of stabilizing the market, stockpiling goods, without any shortage or sudden price increase; petroleum supply occurred with a partial shortage at times but it was directed to solve it in a timely manner. Total retail sales of goods and services was estimated at 269,440 billion VND, up 16.8% over the previous year (reaching the plan of 16% increase).

Export turnover reached 35.7 billion USD, up 9% compared to 2021 (planned to increase 14.5%); import turnover reached 25.8 billion USD, up 1% (planned to increase 17%).

Total social development investment was estimated at 154,473 billion VND, up 12.9% compared to 2021 (planned to increase 10%). It is expected that public investment disbursement in 2022 will reach over 95% of the plan.

Domestic investment has attracted 77,986 billion VND of registered capital. Cumulatively, the province has 59,105 domestic enterprises with a total capital of 608,000 billion VND. Foreign investment attracted 2 billion 841 million USD. Cumulatively, the province has 4,076 foreign-invested projects with a total capital of 39.67 billion USD.

Many infrastructure development projects have been started and urgently constructed such as: VSIP III, social housing, Bach Dang 2 bridge, National Highway 13 expansion; at the same time, urgently implemented investment procedures for intra-provincial and inter-regional transport projects.

The Binh Duong Smart City Project continued to affirm its strategy and vision and continued to be honored as TOP 7 by ICF. Public administration reform and digital transformation have been paid attention, and online public services at levels 3 and 4 have been deployed to facilitate people and enterprises.

Identifying development goals for 2023

The PPC has identified 34 socio-economic development targets in 2023 with 11 key solutions. In which, GRDP increases by 8.5-8.7% compared to 2022. First of all, focusing resources on promoting measures to ensure stability of major balances and control inflation.

At the same time, restructuring the economy in association with renovating the growth model, improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness, and enhancing the resilience of the economy. Binh Duong determines that industry continues to be a key economic sector and plays a role in promoting the development of other sectors and fields of the economy; strives for the industrial production index of the province in 2023 to increase by 8.9% over the same period. Developing service industries with advantages, high content of knowledge, technology and added value on the basis of modern technology and digital technology. Developing and issuing a list of industries and projects calling for investment attraction. Improving the quality of market information and forecasting. Promoting trade promotion activities, expanding export markets to India, South America, etc.


Delegates discuss at the Meeting

It is forecasted that in 2023, the socio-economic situation will continue to have difficulties and challenges, activities to improve the business environment, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and effectively participate in regional and global value chains continue to be prioritized by Binh Duong. Especially implementing solutions to support enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, support to encourage enterprises to innovate technology; organizing dialogues and meetings with enterprises and trade associations to solve difficulties and problems in production and business.

Focusing on investment in upgrading and developing socio-economic infrastructure, prioritizing appropriate resources for areas such as traffic, urban embellishment, public water supply and drainage, education and health care. The total investment capital for social development is expected to be about 157,482 billion VND, equal to 31% of the province's GRDP in 2023. Completing and submitting for approval the Binh Duong Provincial Planning for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050.

Many activities are implemented synchronously in social security. In particular, the focus is on sustainable poverty reduction and job creation. Protecting and taking care of people's health and preventing and controlling the pandemic. Strengthening grassroots health care, preventive medicine; overcoming the shortage of drugs, equipment, supplies and medical biological products. Speeding up the process of putting into use the 1,500-bed General Hospital, investing in the construction of a 2,000-bed last-line hospital. Striving to the end of 2023, the proportion of people participating in health insurance will reach over 92%, with 7.55 doctors/ten thousand people and 20.4 hospital beds/ten thousand people, etc.

In order to ensure the successful implementation of the targets in 2023, departments, branches and localities analyze, clarify and propose around a number of issues such as: Situation of budget revenue and expenditure in 2022 and budget estimate in 2023; advantages and challenges in 2023; the import and export situation of enterprises and the petroleum supply; progress of procedures, investment plans for a number of key traffic projects, etc.


Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh speaks at the conclusion of the Meeting

Speaking at the conclusion of the meeting, Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh highly agreed with the contents of the direction, tasks and key solutions in 2023 as well as the discussions of the departments, branches and localities. At the same time, he requested that in the remaining time of 2022, the units focus on completing the important contents: Unifying compensation prices, making statistics of civil status data, taking Tan Uyen as a pilot implementation unit; preparing for the assignment of troops; preparing capital for land auction in 2023. Commenting on 15 drafts of the Resolution, the Chairman of the PPC asked the drafting agency to supplement and complete the document according to the comments of the delegates in order to submit it to the Provincial People's Council in the regular meeting at the end of 2022.

Faced with the situation of 250,000 workers losing their jobs in a short time; the Chairman of the PPC requested the functional branches to quickly support and remove difficulties for enterprises and stabilize the lives of workers. At the same time, focusing on solving problems for investors; speeding up the compensation and clearance of projects, focusing on administrative reform, etc.

​Reported by Yen Nhi- Translated by Thanh Tam​

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