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Binh Duong: Digital transformation to comprehensively change management and administration activities, increase labor productivity, and people's ways of living and working
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​PORTAL - Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee has just issued Resolution 05-NQ/TU dated May 19, 2022 on digital transformation of Binh Duong province to 2025, with orientation to 2030.

​The Resolution identifies promoting digital transformation with the pillars of digital government, digital economy, digital citizenship and digital society in order to change the overall and comprehensive management and administration activities of the Government to be effective, efficient and transparent; change production and business activities of enterprises, promote innovation, increase labor productivity, create growth motivation; change the way people live and work, narrow the development gap; key sectors and fields implementing digital transformation towards optimization and intelligence, contributing to the realization of the goal of "Binh Duong sustainable development towards a smart, civilized and modern urban area" as set out by the Resolution of the 11th Provincial Party Congress, 2020 - 2025 tenure.

Specific goals for digital government development by 2025: 100% of work records at provincial, district and commune levels will be processed in the network environment (except for work records that are classified as state secrets); direction and administration of leaders at all levels supported by data-based intelligent tools; 100% of Party and mass organizations will connect processes, data, and work records from provincial to commune levels; at least 50% of inspection activities by state management agencies will be carried out through the digital environment and information systems of the management agency; 100% of officials, party members, civil servants and public employees annually receive training in digital transformation and digital skills; 80% of administrative procedures will be completely digitalized in handling and operational processes; on average, 20% of the volume of administrative procedures will be implemented digital transformation each year. Before 2023, setting up intelligent operation centers in the province and in towns and cities; the remaining districts will do this before 2024.

Digital economy development accounts for 20% of GRDP; the proportion of the digital economy in each sector or field shall reach at least 10%; the proportion of e-commerce in total retail sales reaches 10%; the rate of enterprises using e-contracts reaches over 80%; the rate of small and medium enterprises using digital platforms is over 50%; the rate of non-cash transactions in e-commerce services reaches 50% or more. Focusing on digital transformation in high-quality service industries, high-tech agriculture, and logistics to meet the requirements of industrial and urban development towards civilization and modernity.

Regarding the development of digital society, the rate of adult population with smartphones reaches 80%; the rate of the population aged 15 and over who have a payment transaction account at a bank or other authorized organization reaches 80%; fiber optic broadband internet infrastructure, 5G covers over 95% of households, 100% of communes, wards and towns; the rate of people of working age who are trained in basic digital skills is over 70%.


Binh Duong Intelligent Operation Center (IOC)

To achieve the set goals, the Resolution identifies 10 groups of tasks and solutions, in which focus is on strengthening the leadership and direction of the Party committees and authorities in digital transformation and building digital government; promoting propaganda, raising awareness about digital transformation; building and perfecting mechanisms and policies, cooperating to promote digital transformation; developing human resources; investing in the development of digital infrastructure to meet the requirements of digital transformation; developing data, applying a shared digital platform and ensuring information safety and security, etc. Prioritizing the digital transformation of fields: Urban planning and management; Industrial production; natural resources and environment; transportation and logistics; agriculture; healthcare; education; culture and tourism.

The Resolution assigns Party committees at all levels to direct the propagation and mastery of the Resolution, to develop programs and plans to implement the Resolution in accordance with the actual situation and conditions of localities and units. Establishing a Steering Committee for Digital Transformation at all levels headed by heads of authorities at all levels.

The Party Committee of the Provincial People's Council leads the institutionalization of the Resolution, formulating mechanisms and policies; prioritizes the allocation of funds to perform digital transformation tasks within the expenditure tasks of the state budget according to the roadmap.

The Party civil affairs committee of PPC leads the PPC in formulating and implementing the Digital Transformation Program in the province and projects, programs and plans to participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution; directs the review and proposal to the Central Committee and the Provincial People's Council to promulgate mechanisms and policies for controlled testing of new products, models, business, and digital content; gives priority to allocating sufficient resources and annual funding to perform the tasks stated in the Resolution.

​Reported by Phuong Chi- Translated by Thanh Tam

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