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Van Lang Education Group implements many international education projects in Binh Duong
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of March 29, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong Province, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Member of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee received and worked with Van Lang Education Group led by Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of the Group to discuss a number of educational investment projects in the coming time.​​​

​Discussing with provincial leaders about upcoming activities, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri said that after Binh Duong Economics And Technology University becomes a member of the educational system of Van Lang Education Group, the University will promote investment in facilities, equipment, classrooms, dormitories, sports fields, laboratories, practice rooms, etc.; add more teaching staff. The university will carry out education and training associated with the needs of society and enterprises in order to create quality young human resources. Therefore, the University will promote cooperation with enterprises and society so that students can practice at domestic and foreign companies; have plans to organize more skills training programs, arts and culture, physical training and sports programs, and programs for the community. In addition, a new campus will be built to accommodate about 20,000 students majoring in economics, engineering-technology, medicine, pharmacy and hospital administration.

In addition, in 2022, the Group will build a system of inter-schools from grade 1 to grade 12 under the brand name US Talent International School (UTS) in Binh Duong, training under a bilingual program, in cooperation with education and training programs from the US and Oxford University (UK); to serve the needs of accessing advanced education according to international standards. Recently, the Group has agreed to research and promote the program of assessment, in-depth training and cooperation in professional development of teachers and lecturers; deploy international English exams with certificates granted by Oxford University throughout Van Lang's education system.

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Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Loc Ha (right cover) presents a souvenir to Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri

Along with that, the Group is discussing with the province to establish RIT Vietnam International University in Binh Duong province to train the student segment to access international education. At the same time, deploying the University Urban Area, which will include a school specializing in training in the field of medicine and pharmacy to supplement the need for medical human resources, doctors, pharmacists, and hospital managers who are urgently needed in Binh Duong; promote international cooperation, scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship; develop the sports, health and education ecosystem, making an important contribution to the province's socio-economic development.

Van Lang Education Group hoped that the Binh Duong provincial government will pay attention to and support issues related to permits and procedures and increase investment in technical infrastructure to create the best conditions for the implementation of projects.

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Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri presents a souvenir to Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Loc Ha

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Loc Ha welcomed Van Lang Education Group for learning and deciding to deploy and expand many important education and training projects in Binh Duong. He emphasized, with the demand for high-quality human resources to meet development conditions, especially human resources in the Health branch, the province hoped that many advanced school projects will be implemented and replicated. The provincial government is committed to supporting and creating the most favorable conditions for the Group.

Established in 1995, Van Lang University is currently one of the leading private universities in Vietnam with a scale of 42,000 - 45,000 students, with nearly 60 undergraduate and postgraduate training majors in three programs Standard, Advanced and International. Since 2015, with the expansion to become an Education Group, Van Lang connects higher education with inter-level and college education, associated with the ecosystem of medical, sports, and technology services, etc. bringing diverse and comprehensive experiences to learners.

Recently, the Group has implemented a series of cooperation agreements with universities and enterprises in Europe, which will continue to open up many new opportunities for lecturers and students of the Cultural Education Ecosystem in accessing preeminent international training programs, cultural exchange and academic research, as well as comprehensively developing the infrastructure system towards sustainability.

Reported by Doan Trang- Translated by Thanh Tam

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