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Binh Duong: Continuing to effectively implement the "dual goal" in 2022
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​PORTAL - On the morning of January 13, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong province, Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee chaired a Conference to implement the socio-economic development plan and budget estimate in 2022.

​​Attending were Mr. Pham Van Chanh - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Council; Mr. Mai Hung Dung - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Permanent Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee; Vice Chairmen of the Provincial People's Committee, leaders of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies together with departments and branches. The meeting was online to 09 districts, towns and cities and 91 communes, wards and commune-level towns.

Striving for GRDP growth of 8-8.3% in 2022

At the meeting, Mr. Mai Ba Truoc - Director of the Department of Planning and Investment presented the draft Plan to implement the Government's resolutions on key tasks and solutions to implement the Socio-Economic Development Plan and state budget estimate; improve the business environment, enhance the province's competitiveness in 2022.

The key goal in 2022 is to continue to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic for safe, flexible adaptation, effective control over the Covid-19 pandemic; quickly restore production, develop economy - society; focus on supporting and removing difficulties for enterprises and workers, so as not to reduce long-term growth drivers. Focusing on cultural development, ensuring social security and people's life; prioritizing investment resources to improve the operational efficiency of the health system, especially grassroots health care, preventive medicine and health human resources.

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​Binh Duong strives for GRDP growth in 2022 to reach 8 - 8.3%

In order to effectively implement the goals in 2022, the province sets out tasks and solutions that need to be focused on implementation. In which, the top priority is given to the Covid-19 prevention and control, while recovering and developing the economy and society. Striving for the total retail sales of consumer goods and services to reach 16%; total investment capital for development of the entire society mobilized to account for 33.3% of the province's GRDP in 2022 and increase by 10% compared to 2021. Index of industrial production (IIP) will increase by 8.9% compared to 2021. The province's GRDP growth in 2022 will reach 8 - 8.3%, the economic structure will continue to take industry - service as the main lead with the respective proportions of industry - service - agriculture - product taxes less subsidies on production respectively 67.41% - 21.87 % - 3.05% - 7.67%; GRDP per capita will be 169.8 million VND/year. Focusing on promoting the efficiency of domestic capital sources, and at the same time selectively attracting investment resources from abroad, especially the flow of foreign direct investment capital; it is expected that total social development investment capital will increase by 10% compared to 2021, accounting for 33.3% of GRDP in 2022; attracting foreign direct investment capital will reach over 1.8 billion USD.


Mr. Pham Van Chanh - Chairman of the Provincial People's Council contributes to the province's socio-economic development program in 2022

Contributing to the socio-economic development plan in 2022, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council Pham Van Chanh said that the functional departments and branches should quickly review and advise the Provincial People's Committee on the needs of industrial development of the province based on the needs of localities, enterprises, trade associations, implementation of industrial land planning to prepare for the future development of the province. Regarding the disbursement of public investment capital in 2022, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Council said that the capital source in the year is very large, so it must be implemented drastically from the beginning of the year, the Project Management Units, the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities must coordinate closely and synchronously to solve problems together. The Provincial People's Council will join hands with the Provincial People's Committee to closely supervise to achieve 100% of the plan. Regarding administrative reform, in the past time, despite many positive results, there are still shortcomings and limitations, so in the year, all levels and branches need to step up reform and innovation to better serve enterprises and people. Regarding health care, in addition to performing health care tasks, the Health branch soon embarks on the implementation of the plan to build the Health branch into a spearhead service industry, the center of the region according to the goals set out by the province.

Starting from the beginning of the year

In 2021, despite facing many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a proactive and creative spirit, great efforts, high determination to perform assigned tasks and requirements arising from reality, localities in the province continued to achieve positive results in all fields. This is an important foundation for localities to continue their efforts to successfully implement socio-economic tasks in 2022.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam - Chairman of Thuan An City People's Committee said that the post-pandemic production situation of enterprises is relatively stable, the city is closely monitoring the development of a plan to ensure the security and order situation before, during and after the Nhan Dan Lunar New Year 2022, the taking care of workers' lives, the Tet bonus for employees of the enterprises. Currently, the number of 6th graders returning to school has reached 96%, 30% of primary, kindergarten and preschool students have returned to class according to a pilot model and based on the actual situation students will return to school 100%. Regarding the disbursement of public investment capital, the city is focusing on ground clearance for 04 key projects and works to speed up the implementation schedule of the works.


Delegates participate in the discussion at the conference

For Dau Tieng district, in 2021, the district completed and exceeded 38 indicators as planned, public investment disbursement reached 128% and budget revenue reached 108% of the plan.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thu Cuc - Chairman of Thu Dau Mot City People's Committee, 100% of wards in the city have deployed online public services at levels 3 and 4; during the year, the city hastened the planning progress of the province, removed difficulties and obstacles in site clearance, and promoted public investment; took care of policy beneficiaries and workers affected by the pandemic, supported enterprises to restore production; paid attention to solving complex complaints and limited complaints. At the same time, implementing the administrative reform plan for the 2021-2025 period; stepping up the application of information technology in administrative reform.

As one of the localities heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Tan Uyen town still achieved and exceeded 24/24 socio-economic development indicators, especially 5 indicators on smart city development have been achieved; investment attraction continued to achieve positive results. In 2022, Tan Uyen Town continues to set 24 socio-economic development indicators; focus on solving difficulties for enterprises, taking care of workers' lives, and attracting investment.

For Di An City, the goal in 2022 is to focus on improving the business environment and enhancing competitiveness. In particular, the city is focusing on implementing 17 key projects; coordinate with departments and branches to remove difficulties and obstacles in ground clearance; focus on resolving long-standing complaints, etc.


Mr. Vo Van Minh - Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee speaks to close the meeting

Speaking at the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Vo Van Minh asked the Department of Planning and Investment to review the central targets to add to the plan, basically ensuring the goals of the Government and the Provincial Standing Party Committee assigned in 2022.

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee suggested that departments, branches and localities need to focus on a number of tasks in 2022. That is to implement key projects of the province; urgently take steps on schedule to soon complete the provincial planning. Each unit and locality develops specific solutions for economic recovery, accompanies and removes difficulties for enterprises, and improves the investment environment. Applying information technology, digital transformation in socio-economic development, soon putting into operation the Intelligent Monitoring and Operation Center, each department, branch, each locality quickly completes its database to serve well for the administration and management. Within the first 6 months of 2022, localities must complete the construction of district-level public administrative centers. Reviewing the entire commune-level one-stop-shop section, improving the spirit of service attitude to people and enterprises to improve satisfaction index. In addition, paying attention to strengthening the grassroots health system: human resources, equipment, etc. to meet the needs of people's health care.

Reported by Yen Nhi - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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