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Fully preparing, making sure the conditions to reopen tourism in 2022
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​PORTAL - On the morning of January 06, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (CST) held a nationwide teleconference summarizing branch work in 2021 and deploying tasks in 2022.

​​Attending were Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and leaders of Ministries, committees and branches. At Binh Duong bridge point, there were leaders of provincial departments, committees and branches.

Promoting the traditional cultural values of the nation, the intrinsic strength of the branch

In 2021, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic extending into the second year and continuing complicated developments, the country's socio-economic life faced numerous new difficulties and challenges. In which, the CST branch was directly and comprehensively affected, suffered heavy damage in all fields in all areas of operation.

With the action motto of "Drastic action – Dedication aspiration" with creative efforts, flexible management, quick adaptation, timely proposals and well organizing the implementation of many new guidelines and policies in line with the developments in 2021, the CST branch has successfully completed the key tasks set out, contributing to the successful implementation of socio-economic development goals and tasks in 2021 according to Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP of the Government.

Many new models and approaches in direction and administration have been applied; proactively and drastically removing bottlenecks and knots restraining the development of the branch; at the same time promoting the fine traditional cultural values of the nation, the intrinsic strength of the branch.

The conservation and promotion of heritage values are well paid attention to, spreading the beauty of cultural heritage in community life. In 2021, Xoe Thai art is honored to be inscribed by UNESCO in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. At the same time, the Ministry submitted to the Prime Minister a dossier to nominate the heritage of Ha Long Bay - Cat Ba Islands to propose UNESCO to register it on the list of World Heritage Sites; the Complex of Yen Tu Monuments and Landscapes and the Oc Eo - Ba The archaeological relic site to be included in the tentative list of world cultural heritage records, etc.

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tructuyenVH 1.jpg

Overview of the conference at Binh Duong bridge point

Besides, the state management, development of physical training and sports career has made many progress; the basic targets of physical training and mass sports have all been completed and exceeded the plan, won many impressive achievements at Festivals and regional, continental and world sports tournaments. Vietnamese sports performed excellently, winning 38 Gold medals, 15 Silver medals and 14 Bronze medals. The entire branch has focused on preparing forces to attend the Olympics, Paralympics in Tokyo, SEA Games 31 and regional, continental and world sports tournaments; organized and participated in sports tournaments at home and abroad.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the total revenue from tourists in 2021 decrease by about 42% compared to 2020. The branch has focused on uniformly and drastically implementing Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP of the Government on safe, flexible adaptation and effective control over the Covid-19 pandemic, efforts to rebuild and restore Vietnam's tourism; proactively overcome difficulties to recover, contributing to the restructuring of the tourism market.

Binh Duong cares about building a cultural life for workers

During the past time, in addition to implementing social security policies and creating favorable conditions for employment, the province often pays attention to and takes care of the cultural and spiritual life of workers. The investment in building and improving the quality and operational efficiency of the system of grassroots cultural and sports institutions serving the people in general and workers in particular is always interested in directing, organizing and implementing by Party excutive committees, authorities and mass organizations in the province to serve the cultural, spiritual, entertainment, exercise and sports needs of the people.​


Visitors visit and listen to some products made from bamboo at Phu An Bamboo Village

In addition to the system of cultural and sports institutions invested by the state budget, industrial parks, enterprises, and political organizations have also invested in building a number of institutions to serve workers. In addition, the Center to support young workers and young labors in Binh Duong province is invested and built in My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park, Ben Cat town with a usable area of 15,446m2 and a total investment of 95.7 billion VND. The center has a variety of activities such as counseling - job placement, vocational training, preschool, service activities and regularly organizes cultural, artistic, physical training and sports activities to take care of the workers' spiritual life such as contests, concerts, art festivals, thematic talks, organizes sports and movement tournaments, establishes clubs, teams, hobby groups, etc. to serve workers in industrial parks.​


Binh Duong actively carries out the task of building cultural life at the grassroots level

At the same time, the Provincial Confederation of Labor has invested in the construction of the Binh Duong Culture and Sports Center for workers in Thuan An city. The project was built on a land area of 2.3 hectares with a total initial investment of 72.8 billion VND. This is a large and meaningful project to serve the entertainment needs of workers.​


Visiting cultural relics at Binh Duong Fine Arts - Culture Intermediate School

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam recognized the innovation and strong development of the CST branch in the past year.

From the first results in digitizing tourism, cultural heritages and historical artifacts, the Deputy Prime Minister suggested that in 2022, the Ministry of CST should take a stronger step forward. In the field of tourism, the Deputy Prime Minister noted that it is necessary to implement effective measures to control the pandemic, and at the same time review, fully prepare and make sure the conditions for reopening tourism in a really safe and stable way, and at the same time strongly apply technology to change the way tourism is managed. At the same time, he requested the Ministry of CST to prepare well for the organization of the 2021 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) from service items and works to competition activities focusing on Olympic sports, ASIAN Games, thereby creating a level playing field instead of just choosing strong content.

tructuyenVH 3.jpg

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam speaks at the conference

On behalf of the Government leaders, the Deputy Prime Minister praised the branch's contributions and suggested promoting the achieved results, seriously acknowledging the shortcomings, overcoming limitations to take a bigger step forward in the coming year.

Reported by Doan Trang - Translated by Nguyen Trang 

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