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Strengthening control and sanctioning of violations at Covid-19 pandemic checkpoints
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​PORTAL - The Provincial People's Committee requests departments, branches and units to coordinate in strengthening the control, enforcement and sanction at Covid-19 pandemic checkpoints during the implementation of social distancing in the province.

Accordingly, departments, branches, functional units and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities urgently grasp the well-implementation of the motto "Must be strict when implementing the distancing"; strengthen coordination in inspection, patrol, and strictly control people and means of circulation at all traffic routes in the area and gateway traffic routes of the province, especially on roads in "red zone" and localities with high population density; resolutely not letting the Covid-19 pandemic enter and spread in the province.

Strengthening patrol and control on internal roads; regularly reminding, recommending and strictly handling cases of intentional violations; minimizing and immediately handling cases where people go out on the street with unreasonable and unnecessary reasons (going out to bike, jogging, buying non-essential items). Establishing checkpoints at the border between localities, carrying out medical checks and providing quarantine instructions according to regulations, creating a safe protection corridor for the "green zones", "yellow zones"; not letting the pandemic spread from localities in the "red zone".

The provincial police urgently issue documents to guide and direct the response forces at the Groups and Checkpoints to inspect and sanction administrative violations for violations in the Covid-19 prevention and control. When sanctioning administrative violations, it is necessary to pay attention to apply appropriate professional measures, so that violators understand and comply with regulations; avoiding misperceptions and misunderstandings that cause irritation in public opinion.

The Department of Transport coordinates with the Provincial Police and related branches in formulating and immediately implementing sanctions and penalties for means of transport transiting through the province, deliberately going wrong the prescribed "green direction", which easily leads to the risk of pandemic spread in the community.

The Department of Information and Communications directs Newspapers, Radios and grassroots information and communication systems to increase reporting, propagandize and mobilize people to well observe the policy of social distancing; advise people to comply with regulations; at the same time, organize the announcement and widely dissemination of contents related to regulations on penalties for administrative violations in pandemic prevention and control during the implementation of social distancing. Actively detecting and advising the Provincial People's Committee to immediately handle false and sensitive information and public opinion so as not to complicate the situation.

The People's Committees of districts, towns and cities focus on directing and immediately deploying to Checkpoints the contents related to sanctions and penalties for administrative violations in pandemic prevention and control when implementing social distancing. Allocating time to regularly visit, encourage and grasp the operation of the Checkpoints in the area; contributing to detecting, overcoming, and promptly handling limitations, problems and inadequacies arising in the implementation process.  

Reported by Doan Trang - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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