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Responding to Vietnam’s Law Day November 9
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​PORTAL – The Provincial People's Committee guides to respond to Vietnam's Law Day November 9, 2021.

Accordingly, agencies, committees, branches, unions and localities actively choose the form of response to Vietnam's Law Day November 9 that is appropriate, practical and effective, associated with the performance of assigned political tasks; focus on innovation, diversify forms of response in a flexible, economical and far-reaching way.

It is necessary to closely follow the contents prescribed by the Law on legal popularization and education, especially necessary to focus on disseminating issues of public and social interest or orienting public opinion, focusing on the labor fields; anti-corruption; administrative reform; environmental, land, border, islands protection; handle administrative violations, etc.; Timely reflecting and spreading positive factors, contributing to strengthening trust and creating consensus in the whole society.

In addition, focusing on thoroughly understanding and disseminating the purpose and meaning of Vietnam's Law Day, selecting legal content for practical and appropriate information and dissemination of new laws, ordinances and documents that take effect in 2020, 2021; draft policies and legal regulations with contents directly related to the legitimate rights and interests of people and enterprises; issues that people and society are interested in.

Based on the functions, tasks, powers, assigned fields for management and the actual situation, the agencies, committees, branches, unions and localities actively choose slogans to propagate and disseminate about Vietnam's Law Day 9/11 (can refer to and use some slogans posted on the website of the Department of Justice ( Vietnam's Law Day November 9) from October 01, 2021.

Activities to respond to Law Day should be held regularly and continuously throughout the year, especially in the two peak months of October and November 2021.

Agencies, committees, branches, unions and localities shall organize the implementation, summarize and report on the results of implementation in the Report on legal dissemination and education in 2021 and send it to the Provincial People's Committee before November 20, 2021.

The Fatherland Front Committee, socio-political organizations, the Lawyers Association the Bar Association shall guide and organize the response to Vietnam's Law Day November 9 to its member organizations; actively mobilize members, association members, union members and people to strictly observe and abide by the Constitution and laws; participate in the formulating, implementing and protecting the law and disseminating and educating the people about the law.

Reported by Doan Trang - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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