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Traffic infrastructure to meet urban development
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25/01/2021 | Nguyen Lien

PORTAL - In the term 2020-2025, Binh Duong will focus on developing the transportation system to meet the requirements of rapid and sustainable development towards industrialization, modernization and urbanization, ensuring social security and maintaining national defense and security will contribute to turn Binh Duong into a modern industrial center and smart city.

Speed up projects to combat traffic congestion

At the 17th session of Binh Duong provincial People's Council of the 11th tenure, traffic, specifically, the solution to reduce traffic congestion, is one of the three groups of problems directly related to people's lives and thus are prioritized for questioning.

"At present, traffic jams and congestion occur on many traffic routes, especially, the intersections at peak hours. Traffic accident situation has become complicated. Some roads in the province (including the route of Huynh Van Cu in Thu Dau Mot city (the section at the intersection of Cay Dua market to Phu Cuong bridge) are often congested, especially during peak hours (early hours morning and late afternoon every day), greatly affecting people's travel and traffic order and safety," quoted one of the traffic congestion points that voters and delegates are concerned about and have petitioned for solutions.

According to Nguyen Loc Ha, Standing Member of Binh Duong provincial Party Committee, Deputy Chairman of Binh Duong provincial People's Committee, over the past time, Binh Duong provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee and all the people in the province have paid attention to investments into the infrastructure system development  by prioritized budget allocation, mobilized resources, socialized investments into the construction of transport infrastructure; thereby, achieving important achievements to facilitate the development of industry, services, and urbanity that basically meet the requirements for socio-economic development and contribution to national defense and security maintenance in the province. Planning work is directed, reviewed and adjusted to suit the socio-economic development situation of the province in each stage and its practical conditions. The traffic infrastructure system is invested to ensure compliance with the approved planning. The coordination among departments, branches, districts, towns, cities, investors, and related units is closer and closer in the effort of shortening the time in all stages (investment preparation, site clearance, project implementation etc.). Enterprises invest into the development of traffic infrastructure in the province in the form of public-private partnerships to actively cooperate in the construction of traffic infrastructure.


Expanding DT743 road, contributing to combat traffic congestion at peak hours

For solutions to prevent traffic congestion in the province, Binh Duong provincial People's Committee has implemented traffic projects and works connecting the region and the province such as DT743 project from Ong Cu temple to flyover of Song Than, Thu Bien - Dat Cuoc project - the bridge connecting Binh Duong with Tay Ninh. At the same time, the inadequacies of the transport infrastructure system are being checked. The length of street lights will be reviewed and adjusted in addition to signal lights in conformity with QCVN:41-2019/BGTVT. Functional forces are organized for direct response and division of traffic flow and handle traffic law violations. The drawbacks of tollbooths are also checked.

Basic solution

In addition to the achieved results, the province's transport infrastructure has been and will be facing many difficulties and challenges for the time to come. The reason is that the volume of goods transportation is increasing together with travel demands, leading to an increase in traffic volume through the province, especially vehicles of large loads and occupation roads (container trucks, passenger cars, etc.). Great pressure, thus, has been enforced on the road traffic infrastructure system and increases the risk of unsafe traffic in the province. Synchronous connection of roads, railways, and inland waterways is limited mainly to the roads. The planned synchronous investments into traffic infrastructure system have been facing great difficulties of balancing capital sources. The resources for investments into traffic infrastructure development are increasingly limited.

In order to achieve immediate and long-term solutions to develop traffic infrastructure, Binh Duong provincial Party Committee has built a breakthrough program on "focusing on developing traffic infrastructure in the direction of urbanization and Binh Duong smart city construction." Accordingly, the set target is to focus on developing the transportation system of Binh Duong province to meet the requirements of rapid and sustainable development towards industrialization, modernization and urbanization while ensuring social security and maintaining national defense and security to turn Binh Duong province into a modern industrial center and a smart city in the future.

Accordingly, the provincial authority will gather resources for all fields and the specific goal is to mobilize all resources from all economic sectors to keep on investing into synchronous and modern development of the traffic infrastructure system, especially, for dynamic projects that ensure the connection of urban centers of the province to Binh Duong new city and outward connection of Binh Duong new city with provinces and cities in the southern key economic region. Connection and maximization of advantages from the infrastructure system, especially the transport of the southern key economic region should be established. Focus on investment into the construction of infrastructure of a new urban area, central political and administrative center of the province in association with investments into upgrading and embellishing Thu Dau Mot city and satellite towns of Thuan An city, Di An city, Ben Cat town, Tan Uyen town and others towards civilization, environment-friendliness, sanitation and beauty, and improvement of the quality of people's lives. At the same time, the provincial authority also focuses on building a synchronous and modern rural traffic system.

To achieve this goal, focus on implementation of a number of major solutions should be made, which firstly is to raise awareness in the entire Binh Duong provincial Party Committee and to demonstrate the province's political determination to invest into synchronous development and modern traffic infrastructure system. Continual direction of departments, branches and localities is made to review and improve the quality of planning, implementing and managing the plans. Assurance of the synchronous and modern development of traffic infrastructure in accordance with the approved planning is made.

In the condition that the provincial budget is limited, the provincial authority will prioritize the investments into key projects. The remaining required resources will be socialized. Land fund for economic sectors to invest into traffic infrastructure system is preserved as resources are gathered for traffic infrastructure development. At the same time, the good implementation of the policies and regulations of the central government and recommendations for matters beyond the local competence are proposed.

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