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81% of voters’ petitions have been resolved
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24/11/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - On the afternoon of November 19, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong province, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Council supervised the results of resolving voters' opinions and petitions to the 15th Session - the 9th provincial People's Council.

​​Mr. Ho Quang Diep - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Council chaired the supervision session.

Attending were Mr. Nguyen Thanh Truc - Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, leaders of Provincial People's Council Committees and departments, committees, branches, districts, towns and cities.

According to the report of the Provincial People's Committee, for 161 voters' petitions summited to the 15th Session, up to now, the provincial People's Committee has directed to resolve 131/161 petitions, reaching 81.4% (of which, 18 petitions have been assigned at district level to resolve), the remaining 30 petitions (accounting for 18.6%) are being studied and handled according to the plan and schedule in the coming time.

For voters' petitions in Resolution no. 11/NQ-HDND dated July 20, 2017 and the 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 12th Sessions - the 9th provincial People's Council, up to now, the Provincial People's Committee has directed to resolve 32/40 petitions, reaching 80%; the remaining 08 petitions will continue to be resolved in the near future.


Delegates present their opinions at the supervision session

According to the assessment of the Provincial People's Council, the resolution of voters' petitions before and after the 15th Session - the Provincial People's Council continues to be concerned by the Provincial People's Committee and branches; the rate of proposed content has been received, considered and answered reaches 100%, in which, the rate of content that is received and resolved is 81.4%. This rate is lower than the resolution rate of the 12th Session (90.2%) but is still positive and remarkable in the situation that the province has to realize the dual target of both economic development and Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control, etc. In addition, the Provincial People's Committee has directed and assigned specific departments and branches to continue solving in 2020 for outstanding and unresolved petitions in the previous time.

Most of the petitions have been resolved with results, answered fully, clearly, with a definite time and progress of implementation, basically meeting the requirements of the voters in the area. Branches and localities have coordination in receiving, solving and handling problems and shortcomings related to the management of their agencies and units.

However, there are still some shortcomings and limitations in responding to petitions in the fields of transportation, environment, food safety, health, etc.

hqd phat bieu 112020.JPG

Speaking at the supervision session, Mr. Ho Quang Diep said that the resolution of opinions and petitions achieved good results in both rate and quality, showing the efforts of the Provincial People's Committee in the current difficult situation. Remarkably, the Provincial People's Committee had timely direction and quite specific solutions for each case, at the same time departments and branches also sent officials directly following the delegation to meet voters to recognize and answer questions for people. In general, the resolution of voters' petitions basically meets the aspirations of the people. However, the Provincial People's Committee needs to direct the branches to pay attention to the quality of handling and the way of responding.

In the coming time, it is suggested that the Provincial People's Committee overcome the shortcomings and limitations; focus on overcoming and early handling of unresolved petitions; direct localities, departments and branches to coordinate closely to solve problems, etc.

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