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Penalties for using Facebook social network accounts to impersonate Becamex IDC
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23/09/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - The Binh Duong Department of Information and Communications has just issued a decision to sanction 06 objects that fake organizations and individuals and distribute fake information, false information which harms the legitimate rights and interests of the group, individuals. Specifically, these objects use Facebook accounts to impersonate Becamex IDC Corporation to sell real estate.​

Recently, Binh Duong Department of Information and Communications received a document from the Investment and Industrial Development Corporation - Joint Stock Company (Becamex IDC) about many accounts on social network Facebook impersonating Becamex IDC. According to Becamex IDC, fake accounts have used Becamex IDC's logo, business name, and brand name to carry out fake news such as buying and selling real estate products, sharing planning information and other unorthodox information etc. The forgery of the above accounts not only infringes on the brand and reputation of the business, but also has potential risks, affecting the interests of customers. Becamex IDC confirms that all fake social networking sites, Facebook are completely unrelated to Becamex IDC and affirms that they have no advocacy, are not affiliated and not related to any individual or organization who distribute real estate products, impersonate Becamex IDC on Facebook or on other social networks.

An account impersonating Becamex IDC

Receiving reflection of Becamex IDC, the Inspector of the Department of Information and Communications cooperated with the authorities to verify and handle fake accounts in accordance with the law. By professional measures, the functional force has verified 19 Facebook accounts impersonating Becamex IDC, functional forces have worked with 06 cases. The objects sincerely admitted their faults and were administratively sanctioned with the amount of VND 5 million / object, forced to remove the logo, business name and trademark of Becamex IDC; at the same time commit not to repeat violations. The functional forces will continue to work and handle the remaining cases.

Functional forces are working with objects

In the coming time, the Department of Information and Communications will continue to check and review Facebook accounts for infringement on legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals to handle properly as regulations.

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