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Awarding the 49th UPU International letter-writing contest 2020
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06/07/2020 | Nguyen Trang

BEGIC - ​On the morning of July 2, at Trinh Hoai Duc Secondary School (Thuan An City), the Department of Information and Communications combining with the Department of Education and Training, Binh Duong provincial Youth Union, Provincial Post Office held an award ceremony of the 49th UPU International letter-writing contest 2020.

Attending the ceremony were Mrs. Pham Thuy Ngoc Ha - Deputy Director of Department of Information and Communications; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Diem Trinh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union; Mr. Huynh Van Lu - Deputy Director of the Provincial Post Office; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hien - Vice Chairman of Tan An City People's Committee and representatives of Department of Education and Training, Division of Education and Training of Thuan An City.

After 4 months of launching the Contest, the Organizing Board received nearly 600,000 letters of competition from students from all over the country to participate, including 34 provinces and cities with entries reaching to the national-level final round. Over 5 rounds of marking, the National Jury selected 100 entries to the final round. The result had 01 first prize, 03 second prizes, 05 third prizes, 30 consolation prizes, 61 promising writer prizes and 05 special prizes for blind students.

Nguyen Loan Thu, a student of class 7A1, Trinh Hoai Duc Secondary School, Tan An City, Binh Duong Province won the "Promising writer" prize. This is the second time Binh Duong has students winning prizes in the UPU International letter-writing contest.


Delegates took a photo with Nguyen Loan Thu, a student of class 7A1, Trinh Hoai Duc Secondary School, Thuan An City, wins the "Promising writer" prize

The UPU International letter-writing contest organized by the World Postal Union (UPU) was launched and deployed on national scalefrom December 2019 to March 2020. 2020 is the 33rd year of the UPU International letter-writing contest held in Vietnam with the theme: "Write a message to an adult about the world we live in". This is an opportunity for children to express their ideas, propose their opinions in an open and stimulating way of their creativity. The content of the message and the stories expressed in these letters are quite diverse and rich: COVID-19 pandemic; thoughts on happiness; people and decent work, humanities in modern society; environmental protection, limiting plastic waste; value of love; family and friend relationship; dream of a better world.


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