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Opening of the 20th BTV International Football Tournament - Number 1 Cup
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19/12/2019 | Nguyen Trang
BEGIC - ​On the evening of December 14, at Binh Duong Stadium, the 20th BTV International Football Tournament - Number 1 Cup officially opened.

Attending were Mr. Cao Van Chong - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF); Mr. Le Huu Phuoc - Standing Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial propaganda and training commission; Mr. Dang Minh Hung - Vice Chairman of the PPC; representatives of some departments, branches and a large number of fans.

Parade to welcome the tournament

The provincial People's Committee commends the teams and individuals who have made great contributions to the organization of the Tournament

The tournament will take place from December 14 to December 18, 2019, with the participation of 4 teams including U20 Vietnam, U22 Myanmar, U20 Cambodia and the host - Becamex Binh Duong (B.BD). The four teams were divided into 2 pairs (including B.BD against U22 Myanmar, taking place on December 14 and U22 Vietnam against U22 Cambodia, taking place on December 15) to compete in the knockout format. The two winning teams will play in the final, on December 18 and the losing two will compete for third place on December 17. Winning only 2 games is the champion, but the reward for the winning team is still VND 500 million as before. The second and third teams receive VND 300 million and VND 150 million respectively.

Mr. Dang Minh Hung - Vice Chairman of the PPC delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of the Tournament

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Dang Minh Hung - Vice Chairman of the PPC believed, the teams will play hard, honest, noble and united, giving the audience beautiful matches, at the same time believe that the Tournament will continue to be maintained and developed stronger, in order to contribute practically to the football development of the province particularly and the whole country generally, becoming an important event to introduce the image and dynamic development of Binh Duong province to domestic and international friends.

Match between B.BD and U20 Myanmar

After the opening ceremony, the first match between B.BD and U20 Myanmar took place. After 120 minutes, the two teams d​ecided to win or lose with a penalty shootout 11m. As a result, B.BD won with a score of 5-4 and won the right to compete in the final. B.BD's opponent will be the winner in the match between U20 Vietnam and U20 Cambodia, taking place tomorrow afternoon (December 15).​

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