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8 key solutions to accomplish the target of socio-economic development in 2019
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30/11/2018 | Ngoc Diep

BEGIC - ​At the 8th working session of the 9th provincial People's council on Nov 28th 2018, Tran Thanh Liem, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee presented key solutions to implement the socio-economic development plan for 2019.

Liem laid the emphasis on the fact that 2019 is the decisive period to accomplish the targets and duties of socio-economic development, stage 2016 – 2020, while urging the departments and localities to focus on solving the issues, innovate to implement synchronously the solutions of socio-economic development in 2019. Binh Duong provincial People's Committee is to implement 8 key solutions.

First, comprehensively analyzing and evaluating the shortcomings and weaknesses; define the reasons of the unsolved problems and propose prompt and effective solutions

Second, starting to implement suitable solutions to assure sustainable economic growth; performing right shift of economic structure with the focus on appealing FDI for high quality services, logistics, supporting services for industrial and urban development; calling for FDI with higher priority for hi-tech, environmental friendly and potential projects; improving the business environment, boosting innovation, renovation, startup, business development; applying solutions to support small and medium enterprises.

Third, concentrating on guiding and solving difficulties in public investment; re-checking and supplementing regulations and policies; bringing into full play measures in planning. Managing and developing the urban and traffic infrastructure works; building public works and parks; researching the feasibility to invest in railways and water-way communications, river-ports; carrying out well the tasks of land clearance and compensation, with more attention on key and large scaled projects; improving the tasks of managing and using the land, especially the public land, the tasks of managing natural resources, minerals and environmental protection; Relocating the polluted production firms.

Fourth, well managing the state budget collections, restricting tax fraudulence and tax debt; practicing the utmost thrift on expenditures and allocating the expenses in accordance with the regulations; assuring sufficient budget for supporting cadres who are objects of the staff lay-off plan.

Fifth, having preventive measures against plagues on plants and animals; spreading the effective agricultural models; implementing suitable solutions to empower the capabilities against natural disasters, climate change; protecting and developing forests in the areas.

Sixth, well implementing socio-welfare policies and the policy to bring prosperity to local people through economic development; taking proactive role in bringing into full play the Central Resolutions about reform on social; insurance and salary; implementing the projects of socio-cultural fields; improving the tasks of training and education; developing the human resources with special attention on skilled workforce; enhancing the quality of medical and healthcare services, food safety and hygiene; implementing effectively the tasks of communication. Supplying right information to mass media to fight against bad viewpoints; promoting researches and technological applications; boosting the development of hi-tech businesses.

Seventh, accelerating the administrative reform and IT application in managing, operating and solving the paper works; scrutinizing the apparatus annex to raising the awareness, responsibilities of the staff; concentrating on solving the difficulties and having appropriate measures for mass, prolonged and complicated petitions; drastically fighting against corruption and waste.

Eighth, staying informed and understanding the situation to promptly respond to cases; maintaining social order and security; fighting against criminals; maintaining the traffic safety and fire prevention; enhancing the effectiveness of foreign relations; spreading the tourism activities and luring the FDI.

Liem emphasized that the duties in the next stage is critical important that require the efforts of departments and sectors, the contributions of businesses, the approval of people and authorities. He proposed the provincial People's Council, its members and voters to pay more attention to supervising and reflecting the arising problems to authorities. He urged members of provincial People's Committee, departments, People's Committees of localities to bring into full play the spirit of responsibilities, to cooperate to fulfill the socio-economic target in 2019.


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