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Bau Bang urban-industrial park contributes to socio-economic development of province's northern region
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​BEGIC - Along with the great industrial-urban development of Binh Duong in general and the province’s northern region in particular, the birth of Bau Bang urban-industrial park is seen an indispensable assertion in the development trend of the economic zone with flexible and potential development.​

In line with local industrial parks (Ips) development planning

Under the adjustment of the local Ips development planning till 2020 approved by the Prime Minister, Binh Duong will carry out planning of Ips in line with the local overall planning on socio-economic development. The province will boost investment attraction and enhance investment efficiency; lure great groups making investment in infrastructure of the local Ips, especially ones in the northern region based on rapid and sustainable development.

Binh Duong has also attached special importance to industrial development in association with service, urban and hi-tech industrial development under the spirit of the Resolution of the 10th provincial Party Congress. This policy has received enthusiastic response from many enterprises. Noticeably, the province’s particular planning on auxiliary industry development in Bau Bang district has helped enterprises feel secure when making investment in this industry.

Possibly seeing, along with investment attraction, Binh Duong’s shift of industrial manufacture to the northern region has facilitated the development of the province’s southern urban areas under the central criteria by 2020. The province will also enjoy more advantages in the balance of environmental management, helping it be easy to obtain a goal of developing into a green-clean and nice city.


 Bau Bang urban-industrial park is the foundation for Bau Bang district to promote the local modern urban development in association with industrial development

Bau Bang district was established and officially put into operation on April 1, 2014 under the Government’s Resolution No.136/NQ dated Dec.29, 2013. The district lies in the northern region of the province and is about 35km away from TDM city, 70km away from HCM city with the My Phuoc-Tan Van expressway connecting with Dong Nai where has new airport and seaport projects approved by the Government, facilitating the transport of exports and imports for industrial development. The district is also connected with central Highlands and Mekong Delta provinces through Ho Minh highway. All will create favorable conditions for the district’s industrial development which is seen as the highlight for the local urbanization process.

In fact, Ben Cat in general and Bau Bang in particular over the past time made rapid changes, due to Binh Duong’s robust industrialization process, especially when the building of the Bau Bang urban-industrial park with 2,200 hectares in the phase 1 was implemented by the Investment and Industrial Development Corporation (Becamex IDC). The birth of the urban-industrial park has contributed to promoting the local sector of trade-services. The lives of locals have also been improved. The colors of industrialization have gradually been present herein.

Investment expanded

Under the plan approved, the Bau Bang urban-industrial park covers 2,200 hectares, including 1,000 hectares for industrial projects, 1,200 hectares for developing resettlement areas and services. So far, 95% of the 1,000 hectares of land for industrial projects has been filled by 95 domestic and foreign investors with a total registered capital of US$1.2 billion. This also asserts that industrial manufacture will be an important highlight for the local urban image in the near future.


 Production activities of a uPVC plastic doors-making plant in the Bau Bang urban-industrial park

In the 2015-2020 tenure, Bau Bang district’s Party Committee has set a target of striving to become an urban-industrial hub in the northern region of the province. Upon this, Becamex IDC has continued expanding the Bau Bang urban-industrial park by 1,000 hectares under the adjustment of the province’s Ips development planning till 2020 approved by the Prime Minister on Jan.28, 2016, raising the total area of the park to over 3,200 hectares. The expansion of the park to 3,200ha is expected to increase the population of Bau Bang district to 200,000, meeting the local increasing demand for human resources and urban services.

According Le Khac Tri, Chairman of Bau Bang district’s People’s Committee, the district now has plenty of advantages in terms of geographical position and infrastructure. The expansion of the Bau Bang urban-industrial park is in line with the district’s planning and development. The expanded park will be a motivation for the socio-economic development of Bau Bang in particular and the northern region of the province in general. This will also help Bau Bang soon become a major industrial hub of the province.

Reported by Mai Xuan-Translated by Que Chi



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