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Building Smart City and Innovation Region
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​PORTAL - During the period of 2016-2021, many activities to promote science and technology to serve the Smart City Project have created leverage in many aspects of society.

- Industrial Park of Science and Technology is considered a model that integrates the functions of industrial parks, science and technology parks, and a cluster of universities. They combine with livable urban development to attract high-quality human resources. The goal of the Science and Technology Industrial Park is to develop an innovative ecosystem and create conditions to promote the creation of knowledge, technology, and innovative ideas to develop new means of production for application in businesses.

- High-quality education and training system by international standards: International university systems such as Eastern International University, Vietnamese-German University, etc. with 100% training programs in English, with domestic and abroad lecturers. It focuses on key industries serving the province's industrial development foundation. It is necessary to form laboratories, start-up support centers, Lab 4.0, 16,000 m2 production experimental workshops for production testing activities, etc. These are considered important points in training human resources for modern factories, and they lay the foundation for the development of new production tools, improving and upgrading the industrial foundation through research and development projects.

- The start-up support center following the Singapore model - Block 71 SG invested by the National University of Singapore and Becamex Corporation is located in Ho Chi Minh City, and it helps to connect the innovative start-up ecosystem in two localities creating a premise to connect ecosystems globally.

World Trade Center of Binh Duong New City (WTC BDNC) joined the Association of World Trade Centers in 2019 and is considered a lever for the development of trade and services. That makes Binh Duong New City become an international trade point, a connection, and a place to organize international exhibition events.

In 2023, the Department coordinated to develop and organize consultation on the Smart City project 2022-2030. It is submitted to the Smart City Executive Board for promulgation of the plan to implement the Smart City Project - Binh Duong for the period of 2022-2026. It is necessary to coordinate with industries and Becamex IDC to prepare follow-up content and work with the ICF Survey Delegation in the province on implementing ICF criteria. Binh Duong, after three successive times being honored as Top 7 by the World Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), in October 2023, Smart City - Binh Duong Innovation Region was honored as a community having typically smart development strategies of the year.

It needs to link the Universities including Economics and Law, Thu Dau Mot University, Eastern International University, and IOC to implement assigned tasks in the Plan of implementing key tasks in the fourth quarter of 2023 on Administrative Reform, Digital Transformation, Project 06, and Smart City in Binh Duong province. In Addition, it is necessary to connect experienced experts and scientists at Ho Chi Minh National University and departments and branches (Planning and Investment, Industry and Trade, Department of Statistics, etc.) to build reports of socio-economic independence in Binh Duong province.

It is required to coordinate with departments, branches, and Becamex to submit to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee for approval of the policy of establishing the Viet Nam - Singapore Innovation Center in the province.

Orientation in the coming time, it needs to implement the new and specific Smart City Project for 2024 as the standing agency of the Smart City Office. In particular, it focuses on integrating ICF criteria with exploiting and optimizing data at the IOC to serve smart operations. In addition, it is necessary to respond quickly, handle urgent situations, and serve to direct and operate the strategy of building digital government and smart cities through connecting departments, branches, localities, experts, and scientists at institutes and universities within and outside the province. Research and application programs are proposed to be implemented.

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