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Yamaguchi Prefecture (Japan)
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12/05/2020 | Thuy Linh

Area: 6,100 km2

Population: 1.4 million (2015)

Date of establishment of sisterhood relation with Binh Duong province: December 24th, 2014



Yamaguchi city hall

Yamaguchi Prefecture is located in the westernmost part of Honshu, and is surrounded on three sides by the sea. With the Chugoku mountain range running from East to West, Yamaguchi Prefecture can be broadly divided up into three regions: the Seto Inland Sea area, the inland mountain area, and the Japan Sea coast area.

The population is approximately 1.41 million people (according to a year 2015 census), and the area is approximately 6,100 km2. The prefectural government capital is located in Yamaguchi City.
Yamaguchi Prefecture boasts a mild climate and is largely spared from earthquake, flood and storm damage. It enjoys the reputation of being a very comfortable place to live.
Yamaguchi has approximately 1,500 km of coastline, including the calm Seto Inland Sea National Park dotted with many islands and the wild, rough coast of the Japan Sea at the Kita Nagato Kaigan National Park. There are around 240 islands scattered throughout the coastal and off-shore areas.
The green, mountainous plateau situated at the western edge of the Chugoku Mountain Range comprises the largest Karst plateau and limestone cave in Japan, which together make up the Akiyoshidai National Park. The prefecture receives many visitors who come to see the changing seasons in the primeval forests and beautiful gorges that make up the Western Chugoku Mountain Range National Park.


​Kintaikyo bridge in Yamaguchi

Centered around the Seto Inland Sea coastal area, there is a collection of various corporate groups, as well as research centers making efforts to improve skills and promote potential. Many industries such as chemicals, petroleum, metals, agriculture, fisheries, etc.
The strength of provincial petrochemical and shipbuilding industries have contributed to bring Yamaguchi prefecture to the 8th place in Japanese economy. Currently, the province is creating new industry developing new enterprises, as well as planning the Technopolis and working to become a stronghold of advanced skills to attract new businesses.

The friendship cooperation with Binh Duong province:

The strategic partnership between Viet Nam and Japan is increasingly developed. The bilateral trade turnover and investment projects are increased in many areas. Japan become one of the top important partners of Viet Nam and also is one of the biggest investors of Viet Nam in general and in Binh Duong province in particular.


​MoU Signing ceremony between Yamaguchi prefecture and Binh Duong province in Japan (2014)

December 24th, 2014, Yamaguchi prefecture and Binh Duong province  signed the Memorandum of understanding on enhancing the friendship cooperation between the two localities and have achieved considerable steps in order to research the possibility of Viet Nam – Japan Industrial Park construction; service and trade promotion; hi-agriculture investment, training and education and health for the mutual prosperity of the two sides.

Until April 2020, Japan is the biggest investor of Binh Duong province with 317 projects, 5.64 billion US dollars, ranked the first among 64 countries and territories investing in Binh Duong province.


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