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Night Market and Bach Dang walking street
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Night Market - Bach Dang walking street is under the project of Bach Dang Commercial Service Center (where the annual Thu Dau Mot Flower Market is hosted) on Bach Dang Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City.

Bach Dang Night Market was officially opened on Aug 25, operating time is from 5 pm to 11.30 pm, with nearly 338 booths of ready-made clothes, shoes, hats, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion accessories ... The market also serves a variety of regional speciality dishes. In addition, the market also has an entertainment zone for children.


Night Market - Bach Dang walking street is not only a place for people to get some fresh air, go shopping, but also helps TDM City address inadequacies of the old market. In fact, Night Market - Bach Dang walking street has a very beautiful location, boat wharf, modern and clean infrastructure, is an ideal destination for local residents and tourists. Night Market - Bach Dang walking street is also an ideal, safe space, a cultural feature of TDM people, people can take a walk along the river, eat out and relax after a hard working day.

Under the planning, Night Market - Bach Dang walking street will be invested with more items, works and the ancient Binh Duong's image: Hang Duong Street (now Bach Dang Street), Dong Ho market, Ben Do station, Vuon Cau ... In the future, when Bach Dang Street will be extended along the Saigon river towards Phu Cuong bridge, this place will be more bustling and crowded, especially on Tet holidays, Spring Flower Fair; from the opening to the end of Sep 2014, the market offer free parking service to customers and visitors.

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