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Thứ 3, Ngày 09/02/2021, 15:00
Measures to support Covid-19 epidemics prevention and control in the province
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09/02/2021 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - The Provincial People's Committee has just issued an Official Letter to implement support measures to ensure Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control in the province.

​​In order to quickly control, prevent outbreaks in the community and ensure safety and stability for people on the occasion of Tan Suu New Year, especially in the area that is being blockaded and isolated; The Provincial People's Committee assigned the Department of Health to preside over and coordinate with the People's Committee of Phu Giao district and related units to mobilize forces to continue exploiting information, investigating epidemiology history of movement, activities of persons with close contact to BN1886 to continue tracing, taking sample, transferring test samples.

At the same time, coordinate with the Provincial Military Command, the 4th Corps to spray and disinfect places related to the positive case; conduct a general review of isolated cases to continue taking sample for the second and third tests; In case of a negative result, taking the consultancy of the Pasteur Institute to advise a plan to narrow the quarantine in accordance with the anti-epidemic regulations.

Department of Health presides over and coordinates with the Management Board of Industrial Zones and localities to further promote the propaganda to employees about the meaning, importance and solutions of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control; to study and propose the selection of random sampling of workers in industrial zones in the locality for testing in order to serve the prevention and forecasting work; urgently take the initiative, coordinate to advise on purchasing necessary medical machinery and equipment ( macro and professional nature) for epidemic prevention and control, in the immediate future, for Phu Giao district and Thu Dau Mot city.

The Department of Finance and the District Division of Planning and Finance must actively promote the work of advising and handling funding; coordinate with the local health sector in effectively using funding sources for epidemic prevention and control.

The Head of Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control at district level considers and decides on a specific list of persons who are allowed to enter and exit the blockaded area to create favorable and necessary conditions for the people and the unit to effectively prevent epidemic; take responsibility for their decisions and require those who are allowed to enter and exit the blockaded area to implement all safety measures in epidemics prevention and control as prescribed.

The Provincial Military Command and the Department of Health coordinate with relevant units to take measures to ensure safety, absolutely not allowing cross-contamination in concentrated isolation areas. In case the facilities can ensure the distance, it is necessary to distance the people in concentrated isolation in accordance with the reality in order to limit and minimize cross-contamination in the concentrated isolation area.

The Fatherland Front and socio-political unions at all levels promote propaganda and mobilize sponsors to mobilize all social resources to participate in effectively supporting epidemic prevention and control in the spirit that state and people do it together. In the immediate future, focus on supporting epidemic localities, establishing isolation and blockade zone to ensure stable, secure for people and consensus with epidemic prevention and control measures of all levels of local authorities in the area.

The Department of Information and Communication presides over and coordinates with the Department of Health and the Office of Provincial People's Committee to regularly update the content, official information on the epidemic situation and development in the province to post on the province's Portal and provide them to media agency when needed.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development coordinates with the Department of Finance to urgently advise and immediately provide assistance to households and businesses whose crop and livestock products cannot be sold in the blockaded region in Phu Giao district in order to solve difficulties for people and businesses in blockaded and isolated areas.

The Department of Industry and Trade presides over and coordinates with units and localities to immediately coordinate with the local supermarket system (Coop Mart, etc.) to ensure the supply of food and essentials to serve the people, most are people in isolated and blockaded area (Thu Dau Mot city, Phu Giao district) even during Lunar New Year holidays, working with the Department of Finance to use interest-free loans from the authorized budget source through the Investment and Development Fund of the province to support enterprises who produce face marks in the province to borrow capital for their production.

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