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Steamed Rice Pancakes in Bung Market
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Among dishes mentioned as an indispensable specialties of Binh Duong land is "Steamed Rice Pancakes". This dish is attractive to many people not only because of its wildness, but also because of the unforgettable taste ...

Made from special red rice, pancake's Bung market (Binh Duong) (most famous is My Lien Restaurant) with special flavor. The taste of meat mixed with meat sauce with chili sauce is very delicious.

Unlike other kinds of cakes, pancake's Bung market (Binh Duong) poured with rice is thoroughly discussed. Previously, most people cooked with red rice, delicious rice, mashed stone mortar red rice is still pink, not white. Therefore, want to pour is very good to stir the mash until the rice particles into a thick powder in the pot, people are mixed with coconut milk. Harvest the pot of coconut milk, then pour into the dough and then steamed to steam.

The next step is to use green peas to make the shell is cooked out, stirring, making on the cake. Boiling meat with coconut milk, cut into strands of noodles, vermicelli scattered into the aromatic and permeate. Sweet and sour sauce of garlic, chili and lemon.

When eating, put the cake on the plate together with pickles, herbs, green bean sprouts, sprinkle peanut puree and then baste fish sauce, enjoy the flavor of the cake of Bung market. The main spice is the smell of meat mixed with chopped roasted rice puree, fresh chili, aromatic flavor blended with flour cake, green beans medium, fat and baked with attractive vegetables.

In addition, there are other items such as Baby Clam Rolls, Noodle Salad with Baby Clams.

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My Lien Restaurant

Address: No. 189, DT745 Street, Thanh Hoa A Quarter, An Thanh Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province.

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