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Dishes prepared from wild vegetables
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​Binh Duong is plateau province which has many types of terrain, shift from low hills with weak undulate to alluvial valley. Binh Duong's ecosystems is quite rich, diverse, frequently green, offer people wide range of vegetables for eating delicious, nutritious, through variety ways of processed: boil, steam, stew, stir, grill, fry, salad, raw…

Vegetables, some kinds can be planted in fields, gardens; some kinds can be growth wild on the hill, in the jungle, along or between the ponds, lakes, streams, slot, and river.

About vegetable cultivation, Binh Duong - a famous land with sowing beans. "Go Dau" has become the name of intersection and stadiums in Thu Dau Mot for a long time. Beans herein mainly "đau phung / đau phong / lac" (3 names), be identified in science as Arachis hypogaea L., which belongs to Fabaceae. Many dishes in Binh Duong are peanuts. Soup, sweet soup, ice cream / cream, without peanuts would not express the special countryside flavor. The most typical sauce of sowing land is bean sauce.

Crunchy roasted peanuts, retired stamp, then mixed into pure fish sauce, beat eggs, add finely chopped onion and chopped onion leaves, cook to become hot pasty. It was bean sauce; taster can add pepper and chili to suit with favor taste, dip or mix with salad bowl. Guests eat once, would remember forever.

One of the unique vegetables cultivation that Binh Duong people have preferred to use is sprout. That is cut young leaves, to coordinate with the appropriate dishes.

Gooseberry sprout, spanish sprout, com nguoi sprout, ambarella sprout, mango sprout, along with heartleaf, balm mint, basil, salad, cabbage, etc…, definitely create pancake more attractive. There is something funny: Binh Duong people call this dish as "city pancakes" (Banh Xeo Thanh pho). Type of sprouts with river fishes. These sprouts above, add grapefruit sprout, sprouts, pestle, lotus, water hyacinth, spinach / veggies, etc., into a tray of raw vegetables "harmony reconciliation" forest and field.

Binh Duong and the districts of Hoc Mon and Cu Chi in Ho Chi Minh City have their own distinct vegetables: sour-soup creeper or river-leaf creeper - wild deary plants, growing in damp places, especially on the banks of the Saigon River. The Mekong Delta also has many leaves. The farmer waved, grabbed one of his hands, one of his croissants harvested, cut fresh green vegetables into the boat. Freshly leaves is boiled with coconut milk to the sauce, sautéed sour chicken, shrimp and pork sausage, fried shrimp, etc. leaves in water with rice water and salt, or sugar vinegar, into crunchy sweet pickles- crispy- crunchy, cook with beef fried, eat with grilled snakehead fish or fried catfish, mixed with salad pepperomia and bacon, etc.


A wild leaves type, it used to make sour soup, fried with meat or fish, create unique sour taste bar: sour-soup creeper (Lá giang). The Book - Getting to know Binh Duong's culinary culture (pp. 137-138), which mentions this leaves, contains many deviations: "Leaves (lá giang) are sour, round, look likes paper flowers but thicker and darker. Not as sour as clusiaceae leaves, but not tight as sesame leaves and Nganh nganh leaves. Leaves are suitable for mounds and mountain land. The field never has leaves. Tay Ninh, Phan Thiet, An Giang, Chau Doc also have La giang, but they are less, hard to pick, or people like its taste, eat less. Particularly, Binh Duong seems to be suitable for this special type of vines, so it grows wild so much. If like, go to the mound or the fence (sic!), No one has to plant, and people in city, they can go to the market to buy, every season is cheap. (...) Leaves are the food of the poor, often cooked with dried-fish sour soup, feasts are cooked with frog or chicken. Gradually through the years, today leaves are processed quite diverse and rich. Like fried chicken, hot pot chicken, hot pot frog. Particularly fried beef is a specialty of An Giang, Chau Doc, Binh Duong people are not known".

In fact, La giang also bear other names: chau meo, day duc, pink rubber rope (day cao su hong), scientifically identified as Aganonerion polymorphum L. in the family Apocynaceae, English: sour-soup creeper or river-leaf creeper. According to East Medicine said that the leaves are sour, cool; effect of hypothermia, detoxification, inflammation, antiseptic, diuretic, jelly…

Geographic distribution of sour-soup creeper in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China. Throughout our country, many chefs and diners use sour-soup creeper as "as spicy as vegetables", hard to find alternative materials.


As a highly medicinal plant, the saponins in the leaves are antibiotic resistant to Salmonella typhi and Klebsiella. Boil the leaves, if using aluminum pot, must be cooked quickly and eat immediately, due to their acidity can eat aluminum, concentration in high acidity, poisoning.

Recently, many farmers in Binh Duong and other provinces, such as Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, and suburban districts of Ho Chi Minh City, have planted their leaves in specialized area. In addition to fresh leaves, people also them, convenient for long-term storage, easy to pack and transport to many distant places.

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