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Durian BBQ Chicken
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​Come to Binh Duong and enjoy famous durian BBQ chicken of Lai Thieu area.

This is the special dishes of Lai Thieu fruit land (Thuan An town). To do this dish is also very sophisticated, durian that used to marinate chicken has to be high-fat fruits, durian must be bloom, and not hard, so marinated chicken could be delicious and fresh. Delicious durian isn't enough, spices also have to be accurate, too sweet would make chicken salty; lack of durian would make the lack of smell and fat. Marinated chicken time must also long enough for durian to absorb into the meat.

After the grill, chicken absorbed with durian makes the light yellow brown shade. Passionate scent of durian textures blended into each chicken, as the fat durian taste increases the sweetness of chicken, which makes a tasty unforgettable chicken. Take time to enjoy the taste of this special dish, for sure you will be happy and enjoy. Take a chance to taste this special dish, for sure you will be happy and enjoy.​

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