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AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary
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AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary is located adjacent to Vietnam - Singapore I Industrial Park (Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province).

AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary is 15km away from north HCM City, AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary is next to Vietnam - Singapore I Industrial Park (Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province) with a population of nearly 800,000 people. In addition, the shopping center is also located in the luxury residential area "Canary Complex" with many offices, restaurants, international schools around, contributing to attract more people to come and live in the future.

AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary includes 2 floors and one ground floor, with a total floor area of ​​70,000m2, was the largest in the region; has a parking lot of 6,000 motorcycles and 1,000 cars. Inside the center is the AEON general merchandising stores (GMS) and 150 booths for rent, ready to provide customers with shopping space, experience new services and products, further contributing to improving life quality of customers.


Features of AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary:

- Total rental booth (tenant): 150 booths, with 40 booths from the Japanese brands, including 18 brands appear in Vietnam for the first time.

- More than 60 restaurants provide dishes of different countries, establishing a large-scale dining area in Vietnam.

- “JAPANESE ZONE" offers diverse products from Japan, from fashion products, essential products for daily life to food zone serving Japanese familiar popular dishes.

- Some high-quality services, such as Japanese-style hair salon, Fitness Gym Centre, entertainment, laundry, etc.

- 3 zones for weekly events. In addition, the area outside AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary is decorated with 13m-high Christmas tree with sparkling colored lights and music.

- Aeon Foodzone "Delica World" with vibrant, friendly "Open Kitchen" serving cuisine needs of customers; provides all kinds of Japanese and Vietnamese food

- "Beauty World" with brand names that have first appeared in Vietnam, offering exciting alternatives to customer demands for fashion, cosmetics, jewelry accessories.

- "Kids Republic" for children and teenagers, with an area of ​​3,000m2, is the largest in the region, in cooperation with an indoor play area named "Molly Fantasy" operated by a subsidiary company.

- Promotional area: the mall coordinates with local vendors to regularly organize weekly promotional events, which are closely linked to social events of the year.

Contact Info:

Address: Canary Complex, Binh Duong Avenue, Thuan Giao Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

Phone: (+84-274) 6259 111 (Customer Service’s Counter)

Fax: (+84-274) 6259 230

Operating time:

+ Supermarket: 8:00 - 22: 00h.

+ GMS zone: 10:00 - 22:00h.

+ 9:00 - 22: 00h (Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

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