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Thứ 6, Ngày 05/02/2021, 22:00
Provincial leaders visit and encourage people in areas locked down by the pandemic
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05/02/2021 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - On the afternoon of February 04, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and leaders of committees, branches of Thu Dau Mot city visited, encouraged and shared with people in areas locked down by the Covid-19 pandemic in Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city.

Supervising the pandemic prevention and control at Tran Van On road post, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha asked leaders of Phu Hoa ward to connect phones to ask about the health of people living in the locked-down area; encourage people to feel secure in quarantine, and pandemic prevent and control. Thereby, asking about the people's demand for food and essential living items for the leaders of departments and branches to promptly response. Most of the people were happy to say that their life inside the locked-down area was very good and well cared.

Working with the leader of the Phu Hoa ward People's Committee, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha requested all committees, branches in the ward to care and support the people in the locked-down area; the pandemic prevention and control teams inside the locked-down area must encourage, care and promptly respond to basic necessities for the people.

Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha asked and encouraged people in the locked-down area over the phone

Working with cadres, soldiers, people involved in pandemic prevention and control at locked-down locations in Phu Hoa ward, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee said that although the pandemic was expected to end soon, it could not be faster, so the forces had to know how to distribute and protect health to continue the work. On behalf of the provincial leaders, he praised the forces of the Steering Committee for Pandemic Prevention and Control of Phu Hoa Ward. "During the past time, the work of prevention and control has been realized very well, especially when there is the city's decision on locking down, the Steering Committees for pandemic prevention and control have quickly deployed quarantine, as well as meeting and mobilizing people to agree, uphold the pandemic-fighting spirit" - Mr. Ha said.

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