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Thứ 3, Ngày 02/02/2021, 10:00
Expanding the range of lockdown in Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city
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02/02/2021 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - In order to strengthen the localizing and suppressing of the pandemic, the People's Committee of Thu Dau Mot city issued a document directing to expand the range of lockdown for some pandemic prevention and control areas in Phu Hoa ward.

Specifically, expanding the range of lockdown in 02 areas. Area 1 (the area around Thu Dau Mot University): In addition to the area of quarter 5 locked down on February 01, 2021, expanding a more lockdown to a part of Quarter 6, Phu Hoa ward.

Area 2: In addition to the lockdown of quarter 7 locked down on February 01, 2021 (area of Nguyen Ngoc Nga inn), expanding a more lockdown to a part of Quarter 3, Phu Hoa Ward.

The People's Committee of Phu Hoa ward is requested to continue coordinating with relevant agencies to implement medical quarantine in the expanded lockdown area from 00:00 am on February 03, 2021 until new notification.

The city Public Security mobilizes, assigns and arranges Public Security and Civil Defence forces throughout the city to participate in supporting the expanded lockdown in the two above areas. Directing the Professional Teams of the city Public Security and ward Public Securities to support the health branch in conducting epidemiological investigations and tracing subjects related to cases in the city.

The remaining wards continue to strictly implement the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control under the direction of the City People's Committee in Official Letter no. 253/UBND-VX dated January 31, 2021 and Official Letter 254/UBND-VX dated January 31, 2021.

The People's Committees of Phu Loi, Hiep Thanh, Tan An and Hiep An wards mobilize, assign and arrange the Militia Force of the ward, the Security Boards of the quarters to support the People's Committee of Phu Hoa ward (under the management of the city Public Security, City Military Command) to carry out activities in Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control.


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