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Thứ 3, Ngày 07/04/2020, 17:00
A Korean who working in Binh Duong got a Covid-19 negative result after many tests
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BEGIC - On the afternoon of April 6th, the Korean Consulate General sent a dispatch to the Department of External Relations of Ho Chi Minh City about a Korean citizen after leaving Viet Nam on March 31 at Tan Son Nhat International Airport with the 1st test result of nose and throat samples was positive for Covid-19 on April 2 at Incheon Medical Station (Korea). After that, the above citizen had the 2nd and 3rd test results on April 3rd and 5th were negative. The final test result on April 6th was also negative for Covid-19 so the above citizen will be discharged soon.

The above case was identified as Mr. L.K.N. (Korean), entered Viet Nam from the end of January 2020 and worked at S.W.V Company mold room (Uyen Hung Ward, Tan Uyen Town). When Mr. L.K.N arriving in Korea, he is confirmed positive for Covid-19. After receiving notice from the Korean Consulate General and the Ho Chi Minh City Department of External Relations, Binh Duong province authorities have identified 46 people who have had close contact with Mr. L.K.N (including 7 Koreans: 3 people living in the company's dormitories and 4 people living in Ho Chi Minh City). All of the people in contact with Mr. L.K.N were placed in quarantine at the Provincial Military School and sampled to the Pasteur Institute for testing.

On the afternoon of April 6th, Binh Duong Department of Health received 39 negative results for Covid-19 from Pasteur Institute. Earlier, on April 5th, the test results of 4 cases in Ho Chi Minh City in close contact with Mr. L.K.N were also negative.

The Korean Consulate General requested the authorities to support to consider quitting the quarantine for 15 Korean citizens who have had direct and indirect contact with the above-mentioned citizen, who are being quarantined from April 4th.

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