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Thứ 7, Ngày 28/03/2020, 21:00
Binh Duong closed down unnecessary services, stopping all religious services
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BEGIC - Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee has just issued a directing document to strengthen prevention and control of Covid-19 in the new situation.

Accordingly, in the next 02 weeks, the heads of the authorities at all levels temporarily suspended the meeting, gathering over 20 people; stop all religious services; strictly handle agencies, units and localities to occur the gathering of more than 20 people; prohibit gathering on 10 people outside Office, School, Hospital; request a minimum distance of 2m between people and people at public places; shut down unnecessary services: Massage, gym, yoga room, dance hall, tourist facilities, sightseeing, entertainment, entertainment, movie shows, beer bars, restaurants Eating...; temporarily shut down beauty, cosmetology and physiotherapy facilities across the province. People are not allowed to visit, bring food and drink to the isolated areas to supply to the isolated people; warn people not to leave home and move when not needed.
All levels and branches have strengthened the inspection and supervision of the observance of these regulations and strictly handled cases of non-compliance and violations. Assigning the provincial Police to actively coordinate with the relevant units to thoroughly review the entry of people from epidemic areas to have appropriate isolation management solutions, and inspect and control the situation. information about inaccurate, untrue information ... of organizations and individuals on social networks affecting epidemic prevention and control to strictly handle in accordance with regulations; The Department of Transport was assigned to coordinate with the Military Command, the Provincial Police, the Department of Health and the relevant units to actively arrange the means of transportation, especially public transport in the province. as appropriate to the local situation, and at the same time be ready to take part in transporting suspected Covid-19 infected people to the isolated area when necessary; propagandize to relevant organizations and individuals to regularly spray car disinfectant and bactericide according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health to ensure the health of the people when participating.

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