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Question 36
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From January 1st 2018, foreign workers in Vietnam must participate in social insurance, please ask:

  1. What is the maximum amount of insurance?
  2. If foreign workers have purchased social insurance abroad, do they need to buy Social Insurance in Vietnam?
  3. If we need to buy social insurance, how do we calculate? how do we receive social insurance benefits? And how much benefit?
  4. Do foreign workers participate in social insurance split into different levels?
  5. How to calculate retirement pension of foreign worker?
  6. How to calculate and pay social insurance once? After the employee leaves work, will the benefit be transferred to personal's or company's accounts? How to receive this benefit? Can they receive multiple times if they move working place?

Answer by provincial Social Insurance:

Regarding to problems of collection and regime settlement for foreigners will be made from January 1st 2018. However, there is no written guidance from Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. Social Insurance will implement and inform units participating in social insurance when guided.

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