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Resolving the adoption of Vietnamese children by Foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam
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Child adoption

Implementing authority

Department of Justice

How to apply

+ Submit directly at Justice Department

Term of settlement

35 days, from the date of receiving complete and valid dossiers.

Administrative fee required

Fee: 4.500.000 dong

+ In case, step-father or step-mother adopts step-child of the husband or wife; + Aunt, uncle adopt nephew/niece, a 50% reduction of the fee for registration of foreign child adoption;

+In cases where two or more children are adopted as siblings, from second child onwards shall be entitled to a 50% reduction of the fee for registration of foreign child adoption; + In case of adoption in both cases, the fee payer shall be entitled to apply the reduced fee in these two cases.

Steps taken

Step 1. The adopter completes his/her dossier and the adopted person according to regulations.

Step 2. The adopter submits the application directly at Department of Justice of Binh Duong province if the person recommended for adoption permanently resides in Binh Duong province (Specifically, submit dossiers directly at OSS of Department of Justice of Binh Duong province: Office 14, Floor 15, Tower B - Administrative Center of Binh Duong Province, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong Province).

For dossiers is complete, the recipient shall write dossier receipt. If the dossier is incomplete, the recipient shall write the supplementary dossier for receiving.

Step 3. At appointment date in the Receipt, the adopted person, foster parent, representative of the nurturing establishment for children who are being adopted from nurturing establishments or birth parents, the guardian of the person accepted for adoption from the family must be present at the Department of Justice to receive the Decision (through Adoption Ceremony).

Documents to be submitted

1. Profile of the adopter:

  1. Application for adoption (Form TP/CN-2014/CN.02)
  2. Passport / ID card or substitute paper; (Copy).
  3. Criminal record form; (Original, issued not more than 06 months)
  4. Confirmation of marital status (Copy if the marriage certificate or original if certificate of celibacy).
  5. Health certificate issued by health facility at district level or higher (Original, issued not more than 06 months);
  6. Document confirming family circumstances, housing status, economic conditions issued by People's Committee at commune level where the adoptive child resides (This document is not required in the case of a stepfather, stepmother, aunt or uncle of a person to be adopted.) (Original, issued not more than 06 months).

2. Profile of person to be adopted:

  1. Birth certificate;
  2. A health certificate issued by health authority at district or higher level;
  3. 2 Photo with straight look, not more than 06 months)
  4. Written confirmation by People's Committee or Public Security at Commune level where the abandoned child was found; Death certificate of birth father or mother or Decision of Court declaring  the death of birth father or mother of the orphan; The decision of Court declaring that birth father or mother of the person introduced for adoption has lost the capacity for civil acts for the person introduced for adoption but birth father or mother has lose the capacity for civil acts;
  5. Admission decision for child at nurturing establishments

3. Number of documents: 01 set

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