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Tan Van - My Phuoc Route has no street lights, so it is not safe for traffic participants. The company has a case of employees laid off due to robbery on the route. We would like to propose to assemble lights for this route. 

*Answer by Department of transportation.

The construction project of Tan Van- My Phuoc route was approved. Lighting system on this route has designed using high voltage Sodium, this device consumes a lot of electricity, low lighting efficiency as well as average life expectancy is not high (about 20.000 hours);

 Over research period on productivity and feature of new lights on the market, the project investor (Becamex IDC) has decided to replace lights on My Phuoc- Tan Van route from Sodium light to Led technology. According to the report of Becamex IDC, the company is currently completing procedures and deployment, scheduled for completion in the 1st quarter of 2018.


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