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Question 27: VJCC Company
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​What training programs is Binh Duong province conducting in order to create economic human resources, industrial human resources, business managers?

*Answer by Department of Home Affairs:

Binh Duong Province is conducting training programs in order to create economic human resources, industrial human resources, business managers.

 In 2016-2020 period, Binh Duong provincial Party's Committee issued Program No.20-CTr/TU dated August 9th 2016 on enhancing the quality of official leaders, managers, scientific- techinical official and labor forces, meeting provincial development requirements in new period.

Overall objective of this program : building human resources with reasonable quantities and professional structure, in line with economic restructuring along the direction of prioritizing the development of service-industry together with the urbanization process. Fundamentally changes in labor quality on the basic of concentrated training and fostering human resources as leaders, managers, scientific- technical official and labor forces to meet development requirements of the province.

          Implementing this program, provincial People Committee has assigned number of departments and agencies to deploy projects and plans, including :

  • The scheme of ensuring skilled labor force to meet the needs of business.
  • The scheme on enhancing the capacity of technical officials and officials who are working in science and techonological in the Province.
  • The schemes on human resources for health, education- training, information technology.
  • Developing training plans to improve the level of foreign languages skills for officials, civil cadres in some agencies to meet requirements, foreign missions and international integration.

The Province has signed cooperation  with Ho Chi Minh City National University to support the province on following activities :

  • Training and fostering experts with high professional qualifications of province in such fields as urban management, information technology, biotechnology, environmental technology, food technology, material techonology, electricity- electronic, mechanical, etc.
  • Research to developing a close coordination mechanisms of triple helix between: Scientists - Managers – Entrepreneurs to improve quality and effectiveness of cooperation model  in scientific research and technology transfer.
  • Build and deploy effective programs of scientific research and technological development of the province, etc.
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