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​The Social Insurance implements social insurance information on Binh Duong Social Insurance Website for workers to look up information. However, social insurance payroll data of company is absolutely confidential; therefore if employee wants to know salary of other people, just knowing ID number and insurance book number is accessible. What Social Insurance measures can be taken to protect this data of businesses?

* Answer by Social Insurance:

First, Binh Duong Social Insurance sincerely thanks for comments of the unit.

Provincial Social Insurance would like to explain so the unit can be understood:

- Unit goes on the website of Binh Duong Social Insurance and select Online Search, it will be directly link to; website is operated and managed by Vietnam Social Insurance. The website of Vietnam Social Insurance allows looking up following information: social insurance codes; the process of participating in social insurance; the value using health insurance card...

 - According to written document 4027/BHXH-ST dated October 14th 2016 of Vietnam Social Insurance on guiding, reviewing and handing over social insurance books to laborers. Currently, Binh Duong provincial Social Insurance has reviewed and handed over social insurance books for workers in Binh Duong province. At the website of of Vietnam Social Insurance when choosing function to look up participation process in social insurance, results of Vietnam Social Insurance's website show that, the participation process of social insurance of employees is same as information printed in social insurance book has been handed over to employees.

- Regarding to security, the unit described, only knowing ID number and social insurance book number is accessible, the unit described above is not accurate. To look up participation process of social insurance at Vietnam Social Insurance website, it is obligatory to enter 8 following information: 1. Province (where laborers participate in social insurance); 2. Social insurance agency (where employers submit monthly reports); 3. From month; 4. Until month; ; 5. ID No. 6. Full name; 7. Social insurance book no.; 8. Authentication code (captcha code).

Once again, Binh Duong Social Insurance would like to receive your support and thank you for your interest in contributing to improve the implementation of social insurance policy of the province.

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